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The muscle car registration and licensing/titling regulations for your state and the state in which you buy your car are critical pre-purchase information!

Some states allow classic cars to be sold with a simple bill of sale or receipt. If you purchase your muscle car from a seller who legitimately gives you a bill of sale as per the car sales rules of his state and then go to your local motor vehicle administration and find out they won't register your car without a title, well, trust me, you don't want to be in that mess.

Save yourself aggravation, time, and multiple trips to the MVA or DMV and do the few minutes of research necessary to be prepared.

Muscle Car Title Info

By the way, the definition of a classic or collector car also varies from state to state. Luckily, there is a great website that make figuring out this information pretty easy. The Specialty Equipment Market Association Action Network provides what they call the Titling Toolbox with all the information organized by state. This link will take you directly to the search page to find out how to register classic muscle cars in your state.

Once you read the specific pages for your state, you can find out if your car is considered a classic or antique based on how old it is. You'll also find out what documents you need to register the car. It's important to know if any type of state-mandated vehicle inspection is required. Usually muscle car era vehicles have state inspections waived.

In most states a license plate will be required. Some states (like mine) allow you to put a matching year tag on the car. You can find these at car shows or on eBay and it makes a nice touch of authenticity, if you care about that. Other states require you to use a specialized tag that indicates the car's status as "classic" or "antique."

Note that in some states, these license plates are only to be used for limited mileage driving such as to car shows or to cruises. Our state requires muscle car owners to sign a document verifying

1) that they have another legally registered vehicle that is their primary vehicle in addition to their muscle car and

2) that their muscle car meets the safety inspection regulations that were in effect in the year of manufacture. For example, our 1972 dream car is required to have seat belts in place because that safety feature was delivered on those vehicles from the factory.

Another important note about muscle car registration

find-your-muscle-car: Camaros in a row

Some states automatically send notice when specialized plates are up for renewal; others (such as Georgia) don't. It's your responsibility to renew according to the laws of your state. Again, the link above takes you right to the page for your state and the info you need.

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