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Choosing a Transport Company 

Get That Muscle Car Home!
Six Things You Need to Know About Classic Car Transport

A key factor when buying a muscle car from an online site or at an out of state car show: how to get the vehicle to its new home – your house! Even if your newly purchased muscle car is drivable, it may not have legal tags or registration.

The time to choose a classic car transport company is before you find your muscle car. Contact info for a few of the most popular auto shippers is provided at the end of this article. When you contact any of them, here are the most important questions you need to ask before selecting the auto transporter for your car.

  1. Is transporting specialty cars like muscle cars their primary business?

    There are auto shipping companies that provide transport services for dealers, for people who are moving and other reasons. They will also handle your muscle car and probably do a good job. However, if you've spent a lot of money on your car, a vendor that solely works with classic and muscle cars may have better processes and products to protect that investment. Entirely up to you, get a few quotes and do some price comparisons. Then choose what type of transporter you feel comfortable with.

  2. Are written pre-delivery and post-delivery inspections performed?

    This should be a formalized, signed list. It protects both the shipper and your interests. If the car has a dent in the passenger door when it is unloaded at your home or the nearest drop off location, it should have been noted and documented before it went on the truck at the origination point.

  3. What insurance coverage do they have and how is your car covered while in their care? Is there a deductible?

    The company should be able to provide a copy of valid insurance that covers your car during transport. However, some companies may have a deductible that you would be charged in case of a claim. This is info you need to be aware of before you sign a contract.

  4. How is your car physically protected during transport? Is it covered? How many times will it be taken on and off the truck?

    Note that classic car transport companies move many cars on one truck. When a car is delivered to a customer, several other cars may need to be moved off and on the transporter. A very expensive muscle car should be covered during transport and transported in an enclosed trailer, not an open one.

  5. What is the process if your muscle car arrives with damage?

    Find this out in advance! Having a post-delivery walk around with the driver is one thing, needing to resolve identified damage is something else again. The company should give you a written description of the claim process and you should understand and agree with it.

  6. What is the final cost including all applicable fees and taxes?

    Be sure to ask if there are any additional fees associated with your quote. Trucking companies are charging fuel surcharges now to address the cost of fuel. If you've had a rental car quote, you know what I'm talking about. You could end up having additional items added to your total.

Click here for the full list of over 15 questions you should ask your car transporter.

Here are links to several classic car transport companies. Never used them so can't give a personal referral. This info is given just for your convenience, to get you started on gathering quotes.

DAS Auto Shippers

Reliable Carriers

Horseless Carriage Carriers


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Three Things We Did Right
One Thing We Did Wrong

Number 1. We knew what we wanted so we didn’t waste time reading classified ads that didn’t match or looking at every car for sale at car shows. We were able to figure out quickly if the type of muscle car we were looking for was available at that particular place. Then, of course, we went back and enjoyed looking at all the other muscle cars.

Number 2. When we saw a muscle car that we might be interested in buying, we pulled out our pre-purchase checklist to make sure the car met our criteria.

Number 3. We learned the requirements of our local motor vehicle department before we purchased a car from out of state.

Confession time: we broke one of our own rules. We always stress that you should physically inspect a muscle car before you purchase it, especially if a lot of money will change hands. However, we bought our muscle car based solely on photos on eBay and a couple phone conversations with the seller.Is that okay?

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