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Which muscle car is right for you? Is that a crazy question?

You may think you already know which muscle car you want to buy. But this isn't like buying your daily driver - the questions you need to answer are very different.

Before you hit the muscle car classifieds, take some time to consider your real goal in buying your dream ride. This simple exercise can keep you from making an impulse purchase you will regret.

For example, we started with the knowledge that we both love late 60's and early 70's Chevy and Mopar muscle cars - but that's a wide scope of possibilities, isn't it?

Here are the questions we asked ourselves, and answered honestly, before we decided which muscle car for sale was really right for us.

Do yourself a favor and consider how you would answer the following questions.

Take our fun but informative muscle car quiz to find out which muscle car will be best for you!

  1. Will you drive your dream car on a regular basis? or keep it covered in storage? She loves the sound of Mopar muscle cars and wants to hear the rumble when sitting at a traffic light on the daily commute. He would put his dream car in the garage with a custom cover and only bring it out once a month at 6am for a coffee run to "keep things lubricated."
  2. Can you do restoration or mechanical work on classic muscle cars? He is a career mechanic and has lots of experience working on both Chevy and Mopar muscle cars but no body work experience. So from a skills perspective our dream car could have a blown engine or bad transmission but must have a solid body because we can't pay big bucks for body work and paint. See how this affects which muscle car you should choose? If you need more info on exactly how much work is involved in restoring a muscle car, check out Restore An Old Car to make sure you are up to the task.
  3. Are you hoping to buy cheap and then make a big profit in a few years? Will you be the next guy with a classic American muscle car for sale for a cool million? We owned two Mopars that would now be worth a fortune if we hadn't let them go (doesn't every muscle car enthusiast have that story?). Though we would both love to have another '71 Charger R/T 440-6 or '71 'Cuda 440-6, with muscle car prices what they are right now and from a financial perspective that isn't possible.
  4. Do you want a "trailer queen" muscle car that will live a pampered and protected life? By the way, when shopping for your muscle car it is important to know the language. Do you know the difference between a trailer queen and a grocery-getter? He would definitely want a trailer queen while she wants a daily driver/grocery-getter.
  5. Do you want to take your car to cruises and car shows for fun? (By the way, these are great places to find an American muscle car for sale.) Every family vacation we go on involves a car show, car museum, raceway or drag strip somewhere in the schedule. But there is no way he wants to park a car in a row and sit all day under an umbrella watching people go by.
  6. Are you planning to take your piece of American muscle to the local drag strip? for trophy class or for serious competition? He and his brother raced on local drag strips back in the 70's in the trophy classes. He couldn't take the stress of hearing his brother miss a gear after he'd spent all week tuning the Duster. Ray has now restored the '73 Duster to better than when he bought it condition. Drag racing our muscle car isn't going to happen. Note from her: that F.A.S.T. class seems like a lot of fun...
  7. Are you a millionaire? How much money can you spend? Kids, college and our daughter's wedding - that covers that! We set a realistic budget when deciding which muscle car to buy.
  8. How does your better half view this muscle car purchase? Luckily, we were both on board with buying a muscle car and share an equal love of the hobby. This might not be your experience but it's certainly important that the time, energy and money to be spent is agreed to by any parties involved.

Adding all that information together, and we decided a 1968-72 Dodge Dart would be it. There were plenty of them manufactured. The price is still relatively reasonable for small block Darts. If we found a slant 6-cylinder with a rust-free body, we could put one of the early 70's 340 engines we have in it. It isn't such a rare vehicle that it would be insane to use it for the daily commute on pleasant summer days. You can check out our muscle car search results here. 

Plymouth Duster at 7580 Dragstrip

Just a few more thoughts on which muscle car you want:

  1. If you are positive you want an early 70's Camaro, do you have enough information about the differences in models, price, availability, and value to make a good purchase? Do some research and learn the price difference between a 1971 Camaro SS and RS. Do you want raw power or just the muscle car era look?
  2. By the way, specialty magazines such as Hemmings Muscle Cars and Hemmings Classic Cars are an excellent source for research, information, and general drooling before you hit the muscle car listings. Some of the magazines even help you find a muscle car for sale in classified ads from private sellers and muscle car dealers.

  3. Are you into hanging out in the garage and turning wrenches? You can potentially buy a car that needs mechanical work and get a much better price (as we did.) If that doesn't sound like your idea of fun, maybe you should consider purchasing a modern muscle car.

If you didn't see the link above, you can click here to take a fun quiz to see which muscle car works for you.

Have you decided that what you really want is a custom car or street rod? Check out http://www.yourcustomcar.com for everything from modifieds to lowriders!

Now that you've had help deciding on which muscle car for sale, click here to learn where to find it!

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