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Do you know where to buy muscle cars? You're familiar with online auctions such as eBay Motors, online dealers, and classifieds such as Craigslist - but are they safe for buyers? Have you considered local car clubs or car shows? What about local muscle car dealers? Come along with us as we give you great ideas about where to buy muscle cars safely and with confidence.

find-your-muscle-car: For Sale sign at car shows

Online Car Auctions

There are many online auction sites that sell cars. Most are not very large or don't seem to be backed by large well-known companies. The only auction site we used to find our muscle car was eBay Motors. Though there are scammers that use eBay, for the most part we feel the individuals and companies selling muscle cars on eBay are legit. If you haven't read it already, please click here to read about our very bad experience on eBay.

Even though we were almost taken in by the scam, we still feel that it is a good marketplace for your search. You can set up automated searches for the specific muscle cars you are interested in and can even filter the search by location or other parameters. Plus there is a ton of great information to help you be a wise user of the muscle car classifieds that are posted there. READ the buyer guides so you know how to recognize something shady.

Click here to learn how we use eBay to find muscle cars for sale.

Online Classic Car or Muscle Car Dealers

There are hundreds of online classic car and muscle car dealers. Like the auction sites, most of them are small and regionally located. If you decide to buy from an online dealer instead of a local muscle car dealer, we recommend using a large, well-known muscle car sales site that has been around for a long time.

You can type the words "muscle cars for sale" or "classic cars for sale" in either Yahoo or Google and lots of online dealer website options will be displayed.

Our favorites include some high-dollar sites where the cars are for serious muscle car collectors with big pockets and some sites for regular guys that have more reasonable prices. So either way, when you check these dealers out, at the very least you'll get to look at some great American muscle cars for sale.

By the way, even if you shop and decide to buy from an online dealer, do everything possible to go visit the dealership in person.

Online Muscle Car Classifieds


There are hundreds of online muscle car classifieds sites. These are not dealers, they are websites that sell classified advertising to car sellers.

Many of them have very old ads; some haven't been updated in years. It is a big waste of time scanning through a site, finding a great muscle car for sale, and then discovering the car was sold two years ago or that the email link no longer works.

Here are our favorite sites. All of these are updated regularly or show the listing date of the classified advertisement so you will know how long the car has been posted for sale.

These days the obvious choice in where to buy muscle cars is Craigslist. This online marketplace is a good option for both local/regional classified sales and your search can be expanded to include a muscle car search across the whole US. We have a separate discussion about buying a classic car on Craigslist here.

Local Muscle Car Dealers

If you are fortunate enough to have a local muscle car dealer, we highly recommend using them as a primary source to find your muscle car. This is a good idea for so many reasons: you can see the car in person, you can negotiate price in person, you have a brick and mortar place to go if there are problems after the purchase, and more. Plus, once you get to know the dealership and the owner/sales people, you can rest assured they will be actively searching for your muscle car elsewhere so they can bring it to you.

find-your-muscle-car: Corvette at Gateway Classic Cars

Note that the places listed in this section also offer internet muscle car sales but they have local showrooms and are an excellent source for buyers near them; for instance, if you live in the St. Louis MO area, frequently visiting the Gateway Classic Cars showroom and getting to know the sales staff would greatly increase your chances of buying your muscle car for sale from a local dealer. (But if you don't live in the area, you can see these dealer inventories from their online sites.)

If you'd like to see the possibilities that open up when you visit in person, go to the Field Reports page and check out observations from our visits to several of these.

Local/Regional Car Clubs and Shows

When deciding where to buy muscle cars, don't overlook local or regional car clubs and car shows. These both are great venues for muscle car sales.

Do internet research to find local organizations of car enthusiasts near you. The club websites often have muscle cars for sale in a classifieds section. They also list car shows they are having or attending, along with the dates and times of local cruises. Attending the cruises and car shows is great fun, you meet lots of people you can talk to about the muscle car you are looking for, and there are always muscle cars for sale.

To get connected with car clubs in our area we used Yahoo Search for our state + the words "car club." This is how we found Tidewater Mopars. Check out their website for an idea of the type of information you can find.

Regional car shows are also excellent places to see American muscle cars for sale. Small local car shows such as the Back to the Beach Car Show or larger regional car shows such as the Charlotte Autofair or the massive car shows at Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania are treasure troves of muscle car sales. In addition to the large car corrals of people selling on the spot, many muscle car dealers come to the shows with just a small part of their inventory. You can meet these dealers and add to your list of places where to buy muscle cars!

Please remember that we can't verify any of these websites, dealers or organizations as the best or only place to find used muscle cars for sale. We can only share with you what our experiences taught us as we figured out where to buy muscle cars when we went searching for the muscle car to go in our garage.

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