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find-your-muscle-car: Cars for sale at Country Classic Cars

Here's why we say visit muscle car dealerships in person.

Online muscle car dealers usually have large websites and checking out muscle car sales on the web is great, but nothing can replace seeing the car in person before you buy. Lots of people (including us!) buy cars successfully online based on photos and seller descriptions, but an equal number of people are dissatisfied when their dream car arrives on the back of a transport vehicle and they see it for the first time.

One man's "minor parking lot ding" is another man's fender replacement. Everyone's idea of perfect is different and trusting someone else's opinion is risky, especially when it comes to something as personal as a car purchase.

There are many reasons why visiting an online dealer in person is a valuable part of finding your muscle car. First of all, it's pretty cool seeing a large collection of muscle cars all in one place! In addition, if there is a particular car you've been checking out online, you'll get information about the car, and the muscle car dealer, in person that you would never get online.

For instance, some old cars have a musty, mildew smell inside. Looking old is great; smelling old is not. No amount of air freshener is going to mask the odors in a seriously nasty smelling car interior. And really, don't you want to hear the engine, shift the trans, get underneath the car?

We recently found an interesting Dodge at a muscle car dealer's website. When we saw it at the dealership, it was as nice as represented online; in fact, the engine compartment and interior were better than expected. There were a few things that might have mattered to a buyer who ordered it online without seeing it in person first. The rear bumper had been re-chromed but the quality of the job wasn't as good as the rest of the work done on the car. The rallye wheels were pitted and in our opinion would need to be replaced.

Were these things enough to turn your back on the car? It all depends on your standards and what matters to you.

Most online muscle car dealers have brick and mortar showrooms. So you should plan to visit muscle car dealerships in person, even if you are doing most of your pre-purchase research online.

Check out the three examples on this page. You'll notice that they sell everything from barnyard finds to project cars to completely restored high-end muscle cars. Depending on which type of muscle car and price range you are interested in, you should be able to find something at one of these or at similar muscle car dealers near you.

Country Classic Cars

find-your-muscle-car: Inside Country Classic Cars

Country Classic Cars is located in Illinois, close to St. Louis, Missouri. We found them by accident as we drove along the historic Route 66 on our way to the Mopar Madness car show in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a huge facility with a remarkable circle drive of every imaginable classic car and truck sitting in the dirt. They charged us $1 to drive through the site to see the amazing selection of cars. But, of course we had to go in and see the cars stored inside the large metal buildings. An equally cool selection of vehicles is inside, and these are in better condition than the ones sitting outside. These cars are not restored. There are reasonably priced classics that can be bought and reconditioned to the level you want.

Here's the Field Report from our visit, if you want to know more.

By the way, they didn't have our dream car in their inventory when we were there, but several months later they got a 1971 Dodge Dart that looked good in the photos on their site. I sent them an email requesting more detailed information. They very quickly responded with full disclosure of some rust at the quarter panels and sent some additional photos. We passed on that particular vehicle but really appreciated their excellent customer service.

Gateway Classic Cars

Gateway Classic Cars is also located in Illinois, right across the river from St. Louis. They have multiple locations in major cities across the US. We often scan their website looking at their inventory.  Their facility in St. Louis is large, clean, well-lit and has friendly, non-pushy sales staff. The inventory of cars ranges from moderate restorations at reasonable prices to show-quality expensive cars. They can help you with financing and transport, too.

If you see a car you like on their website, you can call and ask a sales person to do a "walk around" of the vehicle for you and answer specific questions you would have if you were viewing the car in person. If the questions are answered satisfactorily, you can head on over to the showroom and see the car for yourself prior to purchasing.

When we were there, they had a large inventory of 1967-2002 Camaros, ranging in price from $9995 for a 1989 Camaro IROC Z to $37000 for a 68 Camaro RS/SS. There were lots of Mustangs, too, ranging from $10,995 for a 1968 289 small block with beautiful paint to $60000 for a 2007 Shelby GT500.

Flemings Ultimate Garage

find-your-muscle-car: Flemings Ultimate Garage

Flemings Ultimate Garage is located in Rockville, Maryland, near Washington, DC. They have two showrooms in their small location on a busy street in Rockville. One is a fairly large showroom and the other is a bit smaller. UPDATE: Flemings has moved to a new, larger location in Rockville where they can adequately showcase the wide range of awesome muscle cars they have available.

The day we visited, Flemings had an interesting inventory that included everything from classic imports like a 1950s Mercedes to traditional muscle cars like a Chevelle SS, several Ford Mustangs, and some big block Plymouth Road Runners. We liked that the sales people were friendly but definitely not pushy, probably because they were all busy selling muscle cars while we were there!

We were able to take our time and really look around at the cars and the facility. We had researched a 1970 Duster 340 prior to going over to Rockville. We found that the description and photos online were right on target with what we saw in person. Their price was competitive compared to other places online and what we have seen at car shows, auctions and other dealerships.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Visit muscle car dealerships in person

If there is any way possible for you to view your selected cars for sale live and in person, we recommend you make the effort to visit muscle car dealerships. It is absolutely the best way to make a purchase that satisfies everyone.

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