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Validation services were never considered in the 70s and 80s as people bought, sold and traded their American muscle cars. Build sheets were tossed; owners manuals and titles, too.

When it became obvious that a growing number of muscle car enthusiasts had a desire to know the heritage or family tree of their muscle car, a handful of individuals began providing these services. Some use years of experience and extensive research to validate the originality and specific history of a car. Others, who are former or current employees of manufacturers, use their access to company records to do the same thing.

These services can provide you with copies of original build sheets, window stickers, production numbers, dealer orders, and more. They usually also provide a certificate of authenticity which can greatly enhance muscle car value.

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That said, please keep in mind that during the muscle car era, build sheets were completed by hand by factory workers and the level of record keeping varied from factory location to factory location.

For example, the Chrysler Heritage site has access to historical data as far back as the early 1900s. They can provide build cards and owners manuals, even photos and general information for most of their product line but the information is spotty or next to none after 1967.

If you want Mopar documentation, you'll need to go to Galen Govier's service.

As you look for your muscle car, you'll see ads that are proud to claim "Marti documents" or full "PHS report." These are respected validation sources you can use to not only confirm what a seller tells you about a car but to increase the value if you sell it at a later date.

None of these services are free but they are worth the cost in comfort level for you and future owners if the car you're buying is in the higher price ranges or is a specific model with high demand driven by rarity or special features.

Remember, if you just want the look of a Z/28, there's no harm in buying or building yourself a clone. However, if you want the real deal, it makes sense to pay the cost of validation.

Here are a few validation services websites:

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