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find-your-muscle-car: Ford Nationals at Carlisle Sign

The opportunity to buy used muscle cars at Carlisle should not be missed. If you are anywhere East of the Mississippi, this has to be on your bucket list.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania at the Carlisle Fairgrounds near Interstates 76 and 81; there are also two shows held in Lakeland, Florida, in February and October
There are ten separate Carlisle car shows a year, starting with Spring Carlisle in late April and ending with Fall Carlisle in early October. Our favorites are the Chrysler Nationals, GM Nationals and Ford Nationals. These shows featuring separate marques are true enthusiast's dream event.
Between 350-500 cars depending on which event
  • Manufacturer’s Concept Cars and special displays…these change for each show, for instance, as shown on the Carlisle sign on this page, a recent Ford Nationals event featured Thunderbirds, GTs and GT350s, as well as the new Ford Focus RS.
  • Over 1000 show cars
  • On-site titling and licensing to assist in buying your used muscle car
  • Manufacturer’s Midway of muscle car products
  • Hundreds and hundreds of individual vendor stalls in the acres-wide swap meet area
  • The Women’s Oasis, a separate climate-controlled tent with activities and products of interest to women
  • Special Kids at Carlisle area where children can have their own fun
  • Other auto-related fun stuff to do while in Carlisle to buy muscle cars: for example, 4x4 Rock Crawling (awesome!), celebrity guests, Monster Truck demos, burnout contests
  • Carlisle Events is now holding auto auctions as part of their annual calendar
  • Carlisle has the cleanest restrooms of any car show we attend in any state! The whole fairgrounds are kept clean for the entire weekend despite the thousands and thousands of people who come.

If you can't get out to Carlisle for some reason, try one of these other car shows.

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