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Welcome! A trailer queen muscle car is at the top your list, at least it looks that way based on your results from the muscle car quiz.

Your preferred choice is an investment quality vehicle. This probably means that you don't plan on working on the car yourself (unless you have mad skills and own a restoration shop!) and you want your muscle car to earn admiration, accolades and trophies because of its rarity or exceptional condition.

These types of vehicles are usually either very original survivors that have not been modified from original condition and exist as an example of a time and place in muscle car history, or are a stunning restoration achieved through lots of time and money back to better than factory condition.

Here's our definition of your dream ride, from the Muscle Car Terms page.

a classic muscle car that is either a survivor or a meticulously restored dream car whose owner keeps covered in storage year round and only brings out of the garage to load it on a trailer and drive it to a car show or other event; these cars are usually not driven and never see rain or snow

Trailer Queen Buyer "Must See" Pages

There are some specific pages of this site that we think would be most useful to assist you in your search.

We regularly update our page on What $30K Buys in the marketplace right now. While it's hard to find your target vehicle under $30K, you never know...

Ever been to a muscle car auction? It's a great source for high end, investment quality cars. You don't have to spend millions either. Check out our Mecum field report.

Would you like a brand new '66 Mustang or '69 Camaro? Believe it or not, you can have one built to your exact specs and guaranteed no rust or other issues!

If you think you've found the one, and will spend what it takes to put a trailer queen in the garage, professional validation can protect your investment.

Don't forget to check out the Featured Muscle Car for Sale. We post a new "find" frequently to show you examples of the wide variety of fabulous muscle cars for sale all over the country from the places we recommend as good sources for our visitors.

A trailer queen not really what you want? Head back to the WHICH page for more help!

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Did you get to this page without taking the quiz? We have a fun quiz to help you decide which kind of muscle car will suit you. Who knows? maybe you'd be just as happy with a nicely restored car instead of a high-dollar trailer queen.

Click here to take it now, or just read on to see pages most useful for buyers looking for an investment quality ride.

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