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find-your-muscle-car: restorable Dodge DartA restorable muscle car for sale is what the muscle car quiz says will work for you if you are Buyer Type 3.

If a restorable muscle car for sale is your choice, you aren't out there looking for a numbers-matching, perfectly-optioned car.

You have skills and will put in time, so you can buy that car others can't or won't.

Where to Find A Restorable Muscle Car for Sale

Muscle cars that fit your search are luckily less expensive and easier to find than trailer queens or restored-to-original models. That's good news for you!

ebay Motors and Craigslist are good sources for cars in a wide range of conditions from true project cars to older restorations to survivors. If you want to see available vehicles on Craigslist near you, simply go to Craigslist.com, select your state/city/region and type in the words "restorable car" or "project car." It's a good idea to do both as some people will use one term and some will use the other.

Two often overlooked places to find muscle cars are the websites Autabuy and Copart.

Autabuy features cars from all fifty states for sale buy dealers and private sellers. They have an online auction, too. But most important is their sub-site called Autabuild; a site specific to restorables and rebuildable cars. 

70 Plymouth Cuda for Sale at Copart

Copart is an online sales site that includes salvage, flood and fleet cars as well as cars with normal wear and tear. For example, this 1970 Plymouth Cuda was recently up for sale. You never know what you'll find, but be sure to read descriptions carefully.

Since you'd consider an older restoration that was modified by previous owners to improve performance or style, you have more options for search than others. If the factory 4-spd shifter has been replaced by a B&M aftermarket one or if the original factory wheels are long gone, it won't turn you off to the potential of a car you are checking out. You won't lose sleep if the base Chevelle was repainted and SS stripes and badges were added. In fact, you may be planning to do similar changes in order to make it uniquely yours.

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Best of luck in your search! Please feel free to contact us at any time if we can assist.

Once you've found your restorable muscle car, don't forget to check out our pages about muscle car registration and more info you will need.

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