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Muscle car value changes constantly. But don't let wild price swings hold you back. Once you've decided which muscle cars are on the list and are shopping at the best places, you need to prepare yourself to make a smart purchase.

While it's important to know the going price or market value of your dream ride, there are other factors to help you decide if you should pay the high end or the low end of the price range. Read on to see what you need to know.

Build sheets or broadcast sheets provide assembly information used at the factory when building a car. Protecto-Plates or Certi-cards or similar warranty documentation delivered with the car are also valuable.

The letters and numbers of the VIN give information about the car such as the engine, model, trim level, year and location of build. The fender tag gives even more details including original paint color, transmission, interior color and more.

Historical specialists can provide various services including copies of original window sticker, production numbers, dealer orders and more, depending on manufacturer. Most offer a written letter of authenticity.

A professional pre-purchase muscle car appraisal is good protection for you and also gives car value info you'll need to get a loan or car insurance.

Using Maintenance and Repair Records or Photographs to Assess Muscle Car Value

There has been an increased interest in historical maintenance and repair records by both buyers and sellers in the last few years. In the past, if you got some receipts or records with the purchase, it was a nice-to-have and interesting information but wasn't considered too seriously as a verification or validation of the muscle car value.

Today it is not uncommon for a potential buyer to ask for these types of records as further evidence of the originality of the car so don't be afraid to ask. The seller most likely has a folder or envelope of receipts that they would be happy to provide.

In addition, any photos of the car in earlier years can further increase the perceived value.

That said, just because a seller has documentation on a car, it doesn't automatically guarantee that you've got a real find.

Use all the information provided on this site and if you still feel uncertain, you should walk away or pay the extra cash for an independent appraisal.

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