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Hopefully you came to this page about muscle car shipping before you find your muscle car! Selecting the company to handle your dream car is not something to be done in haste.

The following information is critical, especially if you use an online dealer or other internet-based resource to buy your hot rod.

We've tried to make it easy to select a muscle car transport company by providing a checklist of questions you should ask a potential shipper. With all the information in one place, you can make an informed decision about your primary requirements for delivery cost, reliability, date, or other factors.


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How long has the company been in business?

With the popularity of online muscle car sales, a multitude of one truck owner/operators has appeared. The online seller may offer to deliver for you, too. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to know how much experience the company has had in muscle car shipping.

Do they use their own trucks and drivers or do they contract out?

Some advertisers of muscle car transport are brokers who take your order and subcontract the work to truckers/transport companies looking to fill their rigs. Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but info you should know in advance.

What insurance coverage does the company have and to what extent is your car covered while in their care? Is there a deductible? Does the company expect that you have muscle car insurance that applies during delivery?

They should be able to provide a statement of their insurance coverage in the agreement you sign with the company.

Are the company vehicles registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

You can refer to the Federal Motor Carrier website to verify the registration and compliance of the muscle car transport company. Some insurance coverage information is also provided at this site.

Can they send you a copy of their standard agreement/contract?

This should not be a problem.

Can they provide customer references?


Do they have experience transporting specialty cars like muscle cars?

Some transport companies specialize in moving cars for people who are relocating or who live in the north in the summer and “fly” south for the winter. They can transport your muscle car if you'd like. You need to decide if muscle car shipping should be your chosen vendor's main business.

Is the transport vehicle enclosed or open? What is the difference in price between enclosed or open transport?

Obviously, a showroom quality muscle car should be transported in an enclosed trailer. A project car that’s been sitting in someone’s back yard for three years can go on the open trailer with no problem. Don’t take this question for granted, you need to ask it.

How is your car physically protected during transport? Is it covered? How many times will it be taken on and off the truck?

Even in enclosed trailers you may want protective covering for your classic. Note that as a trucker stops and loads other vehicles, yours may get moved on and off the truck multiple times.

Is there a written pre-delivery and post-delivery inspection performed?

Since the car may be moved on and off the truck multiple times, you want a written pre-delivery inspection in case any damage is observed on arrival. When your dream car arrives, you must do a thorough inspection and don’t let the driver leave until you have his signature on the delivery paperwork. Again, this inspection must be careful and deliberate, regardless of how great it is to finally have your muscle car! I had a car arrive that had been damaged on the roof by a chain on the transport vehicle. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until several days later.

What is the process if your muscle car arrives with damage?

This should be provided in writing as part of the contract you sign and you should understand and agree with the process.

Is door-to-door shipping provided/possible? Is there an additional charge for door-to-door? Where is the nearest terminal delivery location?

In some neighborhoods or storage areas, it would be impossible to drive in a loaded tractor trailer. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to meet the truck in a nearby shopping center or other location. If you want or need delivery to your driveway, a smaller truck may be necessary and usually means a higher cost to you. It is less expensive if you meet the truck at the nearest terminal location. Be sure and ask how far away this would be for you.

How long will it take for delivery?

This is usually several weeks, depending on distance. Time of year is also a factor.

If applicable, do they ship muscle cars that are not running?

This requires extra planning or potentially a different kind of truck so they need to know if your muscle car is a roller or otherwise isn’t running but shouldn't be a problem for a specialty muscle car shipping company.

Are there restrictions  you need to know, for instance,  if the car is lowered is that a problem?

Again, this could require muscle car shipping with a different kind of truck

How do they track the location of the truck that is carrying your muscle car?

If it takes six weeks for your dream classic to come across the country, you may want to be able to track the status. The large companies track via GPS or other mechanisms.

What is the final cost including all applicable fees and taxes?

There may be gas surcharges or deductibles. Always ask.

What methods of payment do they accept?

Expect to pay a down payment in advance. Some muscle car shipping companies may have an extra fee for credit card payments.

We hope the muscle car shipping checklist is helpful!

When you are prepared with the right information, you can make a good decision that gives the best protection for your muscle car and doesn't hurt your wallet.

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