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Yes, our classic muscle car search results in great success. Read on to learn exactly how we found our muscle car.

find-your-muscle-car: 1972 Dart Swinger

If you’ve read the WHICH ONE section of this website, you already know the steps we went through to decide exactly which muscle car we wanted. (If not, click on the words WHICH ONE? and check it out now. You can also take a fun muscle car quiz. ) We can’t stress enough how important it is to ask those questions and know in advance the right classic muscle car for you. When it shows up, you won’t waste time wondering if something better is right around the corner, you’ll know it’s the one.

Because we had narrowed our search, the next steps were easier. During our daily review of the results of our ebay favorite search we found an auction for a Dodge Dart Swinger that looked like it might be a possibility. It didn’t match our criteria in some ways but in some ways it did.

Most important, the price seemed like it would be reasonable and the body was not rusted out, two very key criteria for us.

Moving Past Dreaming ...Slowly

Based on our previous unhappy experience with trying to buy a muscle car on eBay Motors, he was skeptical of the validity of this auction. Especially since the text of the auction claimed the car was originally owned by an elderly lady. This is almost a given in any advertisement for a Dodge Dart! I called and spoke with the owner to ask some very specific questions:

  • Was the odometer reading of just over 7600 miles accurate?
  • When were the photos taken?
  • Was there any musty or mildew odor?
  • Info on the rear axle and transmission
  • Was it a two barrel carb?
  • What does the undercarriage look like? Any rust?

The owner was very forthcoming and described the body, interior, undercarriage and mechanicals in great detail. He told us that the front sway bar he had installed was not the right one and would have to be removed.

Pros and cons were discussed but we didn't bid on the car. Oddly enough, we had planned a trip to the Atlanta area (where the car was) for a car show that was taking place that weekend. Perfect, since we were reluctant to buy a classic muscle car without seeing it in person. Unfortunately, the auction end date was the day before we would be in the area.

We placed another call to the owner to ask if he would reveal the reserve price he had placed on the Dart. Note: most eBay sellers will not tell you the reserve price, it sort of defeats the purpose of having a reserve which is to get the highest dollar possible from the auction. The seller, a fellow Mopar enthusiast, had enjoyed our previous conversation so he was willing to tell us the reserve.

More kitchen table discussions took place and it was finally decided that worst case, if the car was an absolute disaster, it could be parted out for the same as or more than the reserve price. We put in the bid and won!

The deposit was paid and in the window of time before the final payment had to be made we were on our way to the greater Atlanta metro area.

Going to Get Our Muscle Car

We arrived at the seller’s home about 45 minutes before he returned home from work so we had already inspected the car inside and out by the time he arrived. We had been underneath and all around as best as we could without having it on a lift and were impressed with the clean, rust free condition of the body. The interior was completely intact and in very good condition as well. The dash was in superior condition, very unusual, since it's common for 30 year old classic muscle cars to have cracked, faded or warped dashes that have to be replaced.

We enjoyed looking at the two fabulous Mopars the seller had in his garage, one of which was soon to have a hemi motor swap now that he had the money from the sale of the Dart to purchase a period correct hemi someone else was selling.

We had printed out forms from our DMV in advance that we knew we would need to register and title a classic muscle car in our state. He also had his registration and copies of his insurance card for us. He signed the sample bill of sale form we had printed out.

To our surprise, we discovered he occasionally delivered upscale vehicles from New York to Florida and was willing to make a side trip to the DC Metro area the next week to deliver our car, at a very reasonable price.

All that was left to do was transfer the remaining balance of the sale to the seller. Since it was after banking hours, we left on a handshake and a promise to increase the amount of the balance by the agreed upon delivery fee and deposit the money at the earliest opportunity.

Within less than a week, my dream car was being backed out of the trailer in front of my house!

find-your-muscle-car: Dart Swinger in Trailer

It was exciting to finally see our muscle car search results right in front of us.

Since then we've had a good time making her ours.

The original 318 was swapped out for a 1971 340 that we had rebuilt earlier. The transmission was serviced and a mild shift kit installed. Functional hood scoops were added. The black and white hounds tooth interior was also original but even though it wasn't worn, it was very fragile. We were able to source some of the original fabric that Dodge used back in the 70s for the hounds tooth interiors and had a specialist fabricate new inserts.

find-your-muscle-car: Our 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

You know we're happy with our muscle car search results...

So What's Next?

Once you've got the old school muscle car bug, it's never really over. She's thinking a ’98 to ’00 Camaro…He likes the ’69 body style better. Maybe not a Camaro then. How about a Chevelle or a Nova? But you know what? Those early Barracudas are awesome, too…


4th Gen LS1 Camaro (1998-2002)
1st Gen Camaro Small Block (1967-69)
1968-69 Plymouth Barracuda
1968 Chevrolet Nova Big Block
1970-1972 Chevelle

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We hope your muscle car search results are just as great as ours! Head back to the HOME page to get more information that can help.

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