Muscle Car Quiz Results - How Did You Score?

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Match the muscle car quiz results scale to your score to see where to focus your muscle car search.

A Score of 10 - 20 = An investment-quality, trailer queen is in your future ~ there goes the retirement fund and the kid's inheritance!

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Between 17 and 27 = A car show ready or restored muscle car will suit you best. Spend your cash on the car and it's ready to go.

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Between 25 and 35 = An un-restored, mostly original muscle car or an older restoration with some aftermarket modifications meets your requirements.

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Above 33 = It will be easy for you to find your muscle car at an affordable price. Enjoy the process of creating the car you once had or always wanted!

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Hey, if the muscle car quiz results don't seem to really describe you, go back and take the quiz again. Some of those borderline questions can make a difference.

Wondering about the terms used in the scale? Click here for our definitions of some common muscle car terms.

Results notes:

This quiz is just for fun and is totally unscientific!

All fun aside, understanding WHY you want a particular car and WHAT you plan to do with it once you find it is critical to your successful search. Most people can't afford to make a mistake and buy the first Mustang or Chevelle that fits their price range only to find out later it really doesn't provide the enjoyment they expected.

To get an example of how this can change your search, have a look at the question and answer process we went through before we selected the target car for our first muscle car search - click HERE.

It's exciting to finally be looking for a muscle car after years of dreaming so we hope this exercise will help target your thoughts in a practical direction. Dream time's over, onward to the search.

find-your-muscle-car: Mercury Cougar Muscle Car

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