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Found it? You need muscle car insurance, a good auto shipper, and some reasonable financing if you don't have the money on hand.


A 25 to 30 year old car obviously has different insurance needs than your daily driver. A traditional insurance carrier doesn't know how to prepare coverage for a classic muscle car. There's more to consider than just the age of your muscle car, there's the overall condition and the relative rarity of the vehicle that should be considered as well.

There are several major antique automobile or specialty automobile insurance companies. While you may find a smaller regional company that offers muscle car insurance, you will still want to speak with and compare coverages and prices with one or more of the national companies.

For more specifics on muscle car insurance, click here.


While we love the extended reach of internet classifieds, auctions, and internet muscle car dealers, we do not recommend buying a car sight unseen. In most cases, if you find the car you've been waiting for, you should absolutely do what it takes to see the car in person before purchasing it. At a very minimum, use a local inspection service or car club enthusiast to verify/validate the vehicle before you commit to purchase.

Obviously, even if you've travelled to see the car in person, for various reasons you might want the car shipped to your home instead of driving or towing it yourself. This is when having a muscle car transport service vendor pre-selected will pay off.

When we first started looking at cars online, we soon realized that if we bought that great car from Wyoming part of the money we set aside to purchase our muscle car would have to go to getting it home to us. We make a habit of collecting business cards from vendor displays at the car shows we attend so we went to the stack of cards to research muscle car transport companies. There are many local/regional companies that offer transport services and they may be run by excellent folks but personally we felt more comfortable with a larger company that has more resources and probably more accountability.

Some online dealers offer or recommend transport services to muscle car buyers. Like everything else, it is important to get comparable pricing from multiple vendors. By using the "get a quote" feature on eBay, you can compare prices from three car transport companies.

Click here for more information on selecting a company to ship your muscle car.


Depending on your credit history, you can certainly go to your local bank or your credit union to apply for financing when you find your muscle car. Since muscle cars are not listed in the NADA used car guide that traditional lenders use to assess the value of a car, you will likely have to get a personal loan instead of a car loan. Personal loans usually have higher interest rates but it is worth the time and effort to get this information from your bank to use as a comparison with the offers from specialty muscle car financing companies.

Note that some of the muscle car dealers mentioned elsewhere on this website offer financing. If you are purchasing from a dealer, again it is good hear the financing offer for comparison reasons. There are several muscle car financing companies recognized in muscle car magazines and who sponsor muscle car events. The most well-advertised company is JJBest Banc and Company. They advertise quick credit decisions, long term loans, and low interest rates. You can get a quote online at their website.

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