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find-your-muscle-car: Guys Checking Out Barracuda At Car Show

Our muscle car field reports are posted here for your information.

While we provide information about great cars for sale via online dealerships, classifieds and online auctions, we believe nothing takes the place of visiting muscle car dealerships, muscle car shows or muscle car auctions in person.

If you find your dream ride on the internet, you should do everything within your power to go see the car for yourself. Traveling across the country to look at a car that you aren't sure you will buy may be impossible for you. In that case, restrict your searching to your local area or neighboring states.

Another option is to have an independent appraisal done by a third party and base your purchase decision on the photos and appraisal info you receive.The cost is around $500 for a good appraisal such as those from AAG.

find-your-muscle-car: Our 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

We have to admit we successfully purchased our Dodge Dart on eBay sight unseen. However, we were paying less than $5000. You have to decide how much of your hard earned cash you're willing to risk on a remote purchase.

Muscle Car Field Reports

Whenever we travel, we make it a point to visit nearby places that we use as sources of muscle cars for sale for our site visitors. This way we can provide first hand reports of what you can expect from the venue. If a place doesn't meet our expectations, we don't feature it or the cars they are selling on our site.

Click on the field report name in the list below to go to the full report.

NOTE: We have a dealership directory listing for almost every state in the US. Obviously we can't visit all of them in person. Use the information on find-your-muscle-car to help you make a good decision when selecting a dealer or venue to buy your car.

If you'd like to be notified when we update this page with more field reports, click here to CONTACT US.

By the way, we have a regular newsletter called the Staging Lane Muscle Car Alert that features muscle cars for sale from many sources in prices ranging from $10K to $30K. If you're interested in subscribing, click HERE.

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