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Muscle car dealers in Oklahoma are ready to send you down the longest remaining drivable stretch of Route 66 in your dream classic car! Whatever you plan to do, cruising your muscle car through the beautiful Oklahoma state parks or just a day trip to the Tulsa Zoo, Oklahoma dealers have the bargain you are looking for right now. Check out any of the classic car dealers listed below for details.


Redline Muscle Cars
21180 US Highway 70 West
Wilson, OK 73463

(580) 657-2922

Even though we are listing some great dealers in Oklahoma, we know we haven't found them all, and they may not have found us. You can help fellow muscle car enthusiasts. If you know a muscle car dealer that should be listed, please ask them to visit our directory placement page to claim their free listing.

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Still not finding a dealer near you?

We always recommend using a local dealer in every case possible but if you just can't find your dream ride near home, there are good deals to be had on ebay Motors or what about going to a muscle car auction?

Check out these other pages on our site for these options:

  • Click here to see how we used eBay to find our muscle car.

  • Have you ever wondered about those big-time car auctions you see on TV? Click here to learn how easy it is to find a great deal at a muscle car auction.

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