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Local muscle car clubs should definitely be on your list of sources for excellent muscle cars for sale. There are so many benefits to seeking out these muscle car enthusiasts. Even if they don’t have the particular car you’re looking for, they most likely know someone who is selling one, or sold one, or has one. The more people that know you are in the market, the faster you will find your muscle car. Here’s an example from our experience.

find-your-muscle-car: Duster Giveaway From Tidewater Mopar Club

The Tidewater Mopar Club is a very active, Mopar-only car club. We first saw them at a regional car show years ago with a display next to the beautiful Plymouth Duster shown above. In the past the club worked on a project car each year and then raffled it off, giving the funds earned to various charities. 

find-your-muscle-car: Tidewater Mopar Club Logo

After seeing the TMC at several other muscle car events, we checked out on their website. There's a lot of great info on a muscle car club website.

For example, if you’ve read about places we recommend to find a muscle car, you’ll know that car shows are on the list. The Tidewater Mopar Club website lists months of upcoming car shows. It also has links to other regional car clubs for Fords, Pontiacs, etc. It has forums where club members post cars for sale and also has a forum where you can post information on the car you are looking for! All in one handy website.

Here are some of the benefits of joining or at least getting to know about a local muscle car club:

  • Members of muscle car clubs love muscle cars and take good care of them. You want to buy your muscle car from someone who appreciates classic American cars.
  • Club members know lots of other people who also love muscle cars, expanding your reach to people you would never meet otherwise.
  • Websites of car clubs usually have classified ads or forums where people post cars for sale.
  • These clubs sponsor local car shows and/or cruises where muscle cars are displayed and usually have car corrals where cars are for sale.
  • Club members of love using their knowledge and expertise. They can inspect a muscle car for sale that you are interested in for you, either formally or informally.
  • After your find your muscle car, these folks will be a great resource to you for repair or restoration questions. You may even find you want to become a member yourself.

The bottom line on muscle car clubs for all muscle car buyers?

There are hundreds of clubs just like Tidewater Mopar Club all over the country and all over the web.

Some are brand specific, others are era-specific, or class specific (hot rods, muscle cars, imports, etc.). There are a couple of ways you can find local organizations.

The Hemmings website has a large directory of muscle enthusiast groups. (Scroll down to near the end of the left nav bar on their homepage.)

And, of course, go to your favorite search engine and type in your city or state plus the word "car club." To get more specific results, add the name of the car manufacturer you are interested in.

Muscle car magazines have advertisements or listings of car shows and most are sponsored by car clubs. Flipping through any muscle car magazine will help you find muscle car shows and the names of the clubs that are sponsoring the shows.

By the way, there are many excellent clubs that are national or cover a large region. These are good sources for finding your muscle car too but to stick with our recommendation of seeing what you are buying, we recommend seeking with local clubs first.

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