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This muscle car auction field report has been a long time coming...

We regularly attend the Mecum Muscle Cars and More auction in Kissimmee and are constantly amazed at the ever-larger selection of great muscle cars for sale at reasonable prices.

While the Barrett-Jackson auction that happens earlier in January is very popular, the Mecum auction is the one that focuses primarily on muscle cars. You will see every kind of muscle car imaginable, and some other specialty cars, boats, trucks and tractors, too. There’s also a big selection of automobile-related memorabilia.

The auction takes place late in January in Kissimmee, Florida, at the Golden Spurs Arena very near all of the Disney attractions. The location is an added bonus since you can bring the whole family to escape winter weather and to enjoy Walt Disney World, Sea World or Universal Studios while you spend hours shopping for your muscle car.

And what if you live in Arkansas but buy a muscle car at Kissimmee? Not a challenge for the Mecum folks. Representatives and tractor trailers from Reliable Carriers are on site so you can contract with them immediately. They will load your car and send it on its way to your home.

This auction has grown in the past several years. This means not only a larger selection of cars, almost 3000 in 2015, but a larger crowd, too. We recommend getting to the auction early so you can get a good parking space. The parking staff is helpful and plenty of parking is available. We saw shuttle buses dropping people off at the gate but never did figure out where they came from. Maybe the recommended hotels on the Mecum website offered this service.

Now let's get to the good info this muscle car auction field report is here to give! Once you have paid and are through the gates, you’ll notice that the auction is very well planned and organized. The auction floor is in the largest building. You may want to stop here first and pick up the green sheet that lists cars for sale for the day. This list also tells you the assigned number of the car and the approximate time it will be auctioned.

Grab a cup of coffee and read through the list to see if any cars that interest you are up for auction today. The letters and numbers assigned to each car have a meaning. For example S24 is the 24th car crossing the auction block on Saturday.

Now turn your attention to the massive tents that are erected all over the site. There are signs at tent entrance ways to let you know what day's cars will be found inside. When you are surrounded by thousands of amazing muscle cars for sale, having this level of organization is critical.

Some "star" cars or "featured selections" are in smaller buildings on the site. These are the high dollar cars you will see auctioned during the evening hours each day when the auction is televised and through live web streaming. Beautifully restored or untouched original muscle cars can be seen here. Are they out of your price range? Don’t worry, another reason you are going early is because the less expensive muscle cars are sold earlier in the day.

find-your-muscle-car: Mecum Cars In Tent

Cars that have already been through the auction on previous days are parked on the fields/under tents furthest away from the buildings. Most recently auctioned cars that are in "The Bid Goes On" category will be parked near where the auction is underway. This designation means that the seller did not get the minimum reserve price for which he authorized the car to be sold, however, the car is still for sale. There is a booth inside where you can make an offer to purchase any of the cars that have a “The Bid Goes On” sticker on the windscreen.

This year's auction didn’t disappoint which is why we felt the need to document this awesome event in a muscle car auction field report. There was a huge Corvette meeting being held nearby at the same time and there were many unique and rare Corvettes for sale. Mustangs and Pontiacs were also very well represented. Lots of cool street rods and restored trucks from the 40s/50s/60s were available, too. Some of the specialty vehicles included original drag race cars from the 70s, a real Hollywood Batmobile from a recent movie, one of the DeLorean cars from the Back to the Future movies, and a Nascar car that was auctioned for charity.

Many of the 70s and 80s small block Corvettes sold for under $12,000. A 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger with mild modifications including a 360 under the hood went for $8000. Another '72 Mopar, a Challenger in plum crazy purple sold for $18,000. A nice 1966 Chevelle SS replica earned $11,500, a great price that is nowhere near what the cost to build it must have been. A true 1968 SS in the rare Rallye Green and a 4-speed sold for $19,000. These are real prices that an everyday muscle car buyer can afford.

This muscle car auction field report has the goal of showing you that auctions are an awesome venue for muscle car buyers that should not be overlooked. Check out the auction page here if you want more details on how muscle car auctions work. There's also a video of our field visit on the muscle car videos page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it. Mecum holds auctions all over the country during the course of the year. Other auctions that you may want to check out include the Motoexotica auctions, the Leake auctions and of course, the Barrett-Jackson auctions.

Hope you found this muscle car auction field report had plenty of valuable information. Make plans to go to a muscle car auction soon.

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