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Muscle car appraisals aren't just for high-end collector muscle cars! Now that you've done your homework (picking the right muscle car for sale, searching the best places to buy, and understanding the value of your dream car) and you think you might have found the perfect muscle car, a smart thing to do is double check yourself. Finding your muscle car is a great feeling but no time to let excitement overrule common sense.

This is especially important when purchasing from an online auction or online muscle car dealer and can't see the car up close and personal yourself before you buy.

We can't stress often enough – do whatever it takes to SEE the car before you purchase it.

Another excellent reason to have a professional appraisal performed is to provide evidence of the value of the car when applying for car insurance. Traditional car insurance providers don’t know the value of a classic muscle car. Vehicles of this era are not listed in guides standard insurance companies use to assign values and coverage limits. Without a professional appraisal, you may need to show receipts of all money spent on the car and it may limit the coverage they will give.

Some lenders may require an appraisal before they provide a loan on a muscle car.

What Muscle Car Appraisals Provide

  • Detailed inspection of exterior
  • Detailed inspection of interior
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Frame and structural inspection
  • Validation of fender tags, body plates,
    other available documentation
  • Test drive results, if possible
  • Significant number of photographs
  • Value estimate
  • Written report of all the above

Scheduling an appraisal can take from a few days to a few weeks. If you're thinking of bidding for a car on eBay, be sure and schedule your muscle car appraisal to fit within the auction time limit.

It costs between $250 to $500 for an appraisal, based on our research. Most companies provide this service for around the mid-range, $350-400. They may also charge for the appraiser’s mileage to perform the service so look for that in the rate quote.

Some appraisal groups have sample appraisals like the one shown below on their websites. If you don’t see one, ask for it so you'll know in advance what you're paying for. There is one appraisal site that offers a written appraisal for $29 but it only includes a value estimate based on internet and historical document research. While a value estimate could be good information for you, this may or may not satisfy the requirements of a lender or insurance company.

We have not had an appraisal done on a car yet so can’t make a personal recommendation. However, the Cars Online Inspection service has very high customer satisfaction rates. The sample shown is from their service.

Another great option is Auto Appraisal Group. They have been in the appraisal business the longest and sponsor many of the popular national/regional car shows and auctions. You can even arrange to have your car appraised at a local car show where they are attending. Going with a company that is highly visible and has a reputation to maintain is always a good choice.

The bottom line for a muscle car buyer: a professional muscle car appraisal is good protection for you and gives important information you may need when getting a loan or car insurance for your dream car.

Start doing your research now and pick a company that suits your budget. When that dream car appears you can jump into action if the appraisal comes back with good news, and your muscle car will soon be on its way to you.

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