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Watching muscle car DVDs is great winter-time entertainment but now that you're ready to find your muscle car, you can call this happy activity homework!

While you may have been the neighborhood expert on your favorite classic r back in the day, there is so much more to know before deciding exactly which model Mustang or Camaro you want to buy. Featured on this page are reviews of muscle car DVDs from favorite television shows such as "My Classic Car" and "American Muscle Car," along with a few from other sources.

Not only are these shows a blast to watch, they will give you important information on production numbers, available engine options and other packages, and engineering and design details that will surprise you. Never has "research" been so much fun. Skip on down to see if we've reviewed a DVD about your dream car.

Reviews of Muscle Car DVDs

The American Muscle Car: '53-'62 Chevy Corvette/Chevy Camaro SS 396

The title of this muscle car DVD is not quite right. All Camaros from 1967 through 1969 are featured, including the powerhouse SS 396.

It begins with a description of the Chevrolet plan to counter the very popular Ford Mustang with their own pony car.

find-your-muscle-car: 1967 Camaros

The Camaro was introduced in 1967 with three options: a base model three-speed 6 cylinder, an RS model with a four-speed and the 327 small block, and the SS muscle car version. The SS option came in multiple flavors: a 295 hp 350, a 325 hp 396 and a special "rat motor" 375 hp version of the 396. These turned low 14 second quarter miles as built from the factory. Invoice pricing for the different motor options is described in this section. A total of 220,000 Camaros were sold by Chevrolet in 1967 demonstrating that the new body style was destined to be a success.

In 1968 the Camaro nose was slightly more pointed and the stripes were bolder. The L89 aluminum cylinder heads, 40 lbs lighter, were introduced. 235,000 Camaros were sold that year.

In 1969, the Camaro had its first body re-design though the subframe and floor pan stayed the same. There were three hp options to choose from for your mighty 396 big block. The all aluminum ZL1 steel sleeve aluminum block and aluminum intake manifold were offered. And this

was the year for the iron 427 Yenko super Camaro. You'll hear the story of this savvy Chevrolet dealer who sold this highly-desirable model. This year 1015 people made a central office production order (COPO) for Camaros with the 427/425 hp engine that rolled off the production line with no exterior badging and painted steel wheels.

The second segment of this American Muscle Car DVD focuses on the '53 - '62 Corvettes. It covers the first three not-so-well-received introductory years when the totally different two-seater sold only 3000 units to the unimpressed American buyer.

The Corvette gradually gained in popularity and in 1957 was the first car to produce one horsepower per engine cubic inch. It ran solid 14.3 quarter miles and did 0 - 60 in 7.5 seconds.

In 1958, at the beginning of a recession, General Motors finally started making a profit with the Corvette.

A significant body style change came in 1961 and the speedometer topped out at 160mph. The were five different engine options. Over 10,000 Corvettes were sold.

Minor styling changes in 1962 included a black grill instead of a chrome one. The base model offered the 327 small block rated at 250 hp. The top model was rated at 360 hp. 40,062 units were sold, not in a small measure due to the very popular Corvette Stingray.

The American MuscleCar: '53-'62 Chevy Corvette/Chevy Camaro SS 396 gives great information to a muscle car buyer considering an early Corvette or Camaro.

More muscle car DVDs will be reviewed soon!

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