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Here are more muscle car sources for you to add to the main resources we've mentioned in the WHERE IS IT? section. When you are ready to kick the search into gear, don't leave any source out of your plan.

find-your-muscle-car: Pontiac Trans Am Discovered at Storage Facility

Online Forums and Enthusiast Groups

Now that you’ve figured out which old muscle car is your target, join a couple of online enthusiast groups or forums.  Some have Cars for Sale in their forums. In addition, they're a great resource for information you need once you find your muscle car. You can post questions and get quick answers from people who know important details about your favorite muscle car. If the car you are thinking of buying is out of state, maybe a group member from that state can check it out for you in person.

Some forums are manufacturer-related, i.e.,, while others are model-specific, such as There are forums that are even more specific, for instance the Z28 forum or the forum. Check out some general car groups, too. Cardomain is great.

You can find online enthusiast groups that line up with your muscle car search by using your favorite search engine. Enter "Ford" and "forum" and hit search; it's that easy.

Before you bother to join a forum or online group, check to see if the group is active. Some forums haven't been updated since 2006 so it's a waste of time to read their classifieds. Usually there will be a link that says "latest posts" or similar. This will help you decide to join or not. 

Used Car Sales Magazines and Local Newspaper Classifieds

Another source of old muscle cars is the cars for sale magazines that you see in your local grocery store. Some are free and some cost a few dollars. Many of the magazines have online formats, too. We like to pick these up when we are traveling and scan through the ads to see if there is a local place to buy muscle cars.

The length of time between publication and delivery to newsstand often means the muscle car is sold by the time you see the magazine. Muscle car sellers usually advertise in more than one place so they can get a quick sale. But, hey, they are fun to look at and you may get lucky!

Local newspaper classifieds are worth a look, too. In between SUVs and mini-vans there is the occasional old muscle car for sale. Since it doesn’t happen often, this isn’t a key searching tool for us but again you never know when your dream car will be right around the corner.

Two More Muscle Car Sources Not to be Overlooked!

There are two more muscle car sources for you to leverage.

The first is to simply keep your eyes open. On the way to work, school, the store, even just driving through your neighborhood…be on the look out for hidden treasure.

Our son found his second Mazda RX7 this way. He noticed it sitting a local towing company's parking lot. It was the model and the year he was looking for and after a couple of weeks when the car hadn’t moved, he went in and asked about it. BINGO! They had towed the vehicle and contacted the out-of-state owner who eventually said he didn’t have the money or interest in fixing the car. The owner turned the title over to the tow company and there it sat. In short order, the RX7 was parked in our driveway.

find-your-muscle-car: 1973 Pontiac Trans Am found at Storage Facility

Another example: a friend is a serious Pontiac Trans Am fan and she had seen a covered car behind the fence of a storage facility with the distinctive shape of a Trans Am. In a summer storm, the cover was partially blown away and she could see just the front end peeking out. She finally ventured into the facility and left a message on the windshield that the owner eventually found.

In this particular case, the owner wants to keep his Trans Am and restore it. But many times the car sitting neglected at a storage facility could very easily be purchased by an interested party – you!

The final resource is your mouth.  Tell everyone you know, family, friends, coworkers, people in your neighborhood, clubs, or church, and local parts stores or speed shops, you are in the market for a muscle car. And, of course, if you see someone driving a muscle car, don't hesitate to ask them if they know someone who has a muscle car for sale.

You never know when or where the person you spoke with will see a muscle car and let you know. The information they give you might be a dead end or it might be a high-demand muscle car just waiting for the right owner. That old Nova sitting in their Grandfather's back yard could turn out to be the highly-desired 396 SS you’ve been looking for. Please don't underestimate word of mouth as an excellent resource for finding old muscle cars.

To see other sources for muscle cars click HERE.

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