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The latest muscle car news is provided for our visitors right here - all of the news feeds on one page for your convenience.

Car news is sometimes hard to find and even if you look specifically for “muscle car news” in Internet search engines you don’t get what you expect. Car news is usually under a general heading of Automotive and has tons of news about new cars, green cars, gas prices, used cars and more but no muscle car news.

And, if you try to be clever and choose the Sports/Auto category on a news site most likely you’ll see lots of information about Nascar, Formula 1, Indy, NHRA, drifting….once again relatively little if any muscle car news.

Find-Your-Muscle-Car:Superbirds at Carlisle

The goal of this page is to give you quick, easy access to the very latest news from key muscle car-related sources such as MotorTrend, Hot Rod, MotorAuthority and others, in addition to major news outlets. Most of these will show in the google and yahoo news scans above.

Here are a couple of others we like to check:

As mentioned earlier, they aren't going to have a focus of muscle cars only, but they do have good info that car lovers enjoy.

Looking for a specific news item? Can't find it? Click HERE and let us know. We'll get the info for you.

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