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Our eBay muscle car search is the easiest method we used to find our muscle car. Whether or not you like eBay, it is a great tool and should be considered part of your muscle car search activities. There are hundreds of classic muscle cars listed on eBay Motors every day, changing practically every minute. It's true they range from super-expensive totally original or perfectly restored vehicles to pieces of junk rusting away next to someone's garage. But that's actually a good thing since you are almost guaranteed to find something to fit your budget and your wish list.

find-your-muscle-car: AMC Muscle Car

How the eBay Muscle Car Search Can Work for You

Because of the many ways you can use the tool, eBay Motors is an excellent muscle car finder.

For example, you can simply go to eBay Motors every day and on the main page select any one of the multiple search methods to see what's available. Notice that you can either search by make and model, or you can type in exactly what you are looking for, or you can click on the predefined collector cars search in the middle of the page.

find-your-muscle-car: ebay Motors search page

The "Follow This Search" Feature

Though checking from the main page is easy, eBay Motors makes it even easier for you to search by providing a Follow This Search function.

Enter in the parameters of your search in the top Search bar and hit enter. You will be presented the results of your search. Right at the top you will see and option to + Follow This Search. Click on that to agree and eBay automatically sends an email every day with the newest listings that match the search. Just click on the link in the email and go right to the list. Here's what the set up for the search looks like.

find-your-muscle-car: ebay motors search page

Very simple! Anything you are looking for, delivered right to your email account. Here's what an email sent as a result of the search looks like.

find-your-muscle-car: ebay motors search results email

The Follow This Search parameters that you set up should be broad, not too specific.  This sample search we created is for an Olds 4-4-2. We didn't specify 4-speed or a certain color.

This will allow you to see more available muscle cars for sale that are similar to what you are seeking and give you the opportunity to change your mind if something just as good or better is available. It can also help you gauge the range of asking prices. While it isn't the final authority in pricing, you can at least see what people are asking and then check back to see if the vehicle actually sold for the asking price or better.

The "Watch" Feature

If you see an eBay muscle car that looks interesting and you want to wait a few days to see how the auction progresses to help you decide if you should offer a bid, you can take advantage of the WATCH feature. This fabulous eBay muscle car search feature lets you save a specific auction to the My eBay tab so you can keep "watch" on its progress. This saves you time scanning through your favorites list for that specific car you saw earlier that you might want to check out again. To check on the muscle cars that you've put on your Watch list, you click on the My eBay tab and scroll down to your Watch List.

find-your-muscle-car: ebaySearch

eBay Motors will also email you periodically with updated information about muscle cars that you are "watching." This is a great way to keep track of something that looks interesting or just to see what the asking prices/selling prices are for items that match or are similar to your eBay muscle car search. Here's what the email looks like:

find-your-muscle-car: ebay motors Watch List email

eBay Help

Finally, eBay has an extensive Help section that is very easy to read and gives lots of information about buying from sellers on eBay. 

We HIGHLY recommend that you read the eBay Help information, at least once when you originally begin looking for a muscle car on eBay Motors and again when you think you may have found your muscle car. Doing this helped save us from losing several thousands dollars in an eBay Motors scam.

Good luck and happy searching!

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For more information on where to find your muscle car, click here for suggested alternates to eBay Motors.

Now that you know about our eBay muscle car search, join us on the journey as we help you find your muscle car!

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Haven't decided exactly what you want yet? Check out the Q&A process we went through to decide which muscle car to buy. Just like going to the grocery store with a food list saves time and money, the same applies to finding your muscle car! Our eBay muscle car search was much easier once we narrowed down our wish list.

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