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Fall for an eBay Motors scam? Not us we thought, but the excitement you feel when you find your muscle car - exactly the one you're looking for - can obviously override your intelligence.

find-your-muscle-car: ebay motor auction for '71 DartHere's the '71 Dart for sale on ebay Motors

Here's the car that was listed. Isn't she a beauty?

Now on to how this particular eBay Motors scam worked. If you've read about our original muscle car search, you know we had a standing search on eBay that emailed us when a car matching our search is listed.

The daily email from eBay showed a car close to perfect, and the price was unbelievable. (Should have been our first clue!) We added it to our Watch List to see if the bidding would put the car out of our reach. The Buy It Now price was very low but if someone bids lower than the Buy It Now price on eBay, the Buy It Now option disappears and the bidding begins.

Since we'd been into buying a car on eBay for a few months, we were sure the car would be gone in a flash.

We Decided To Buy It

The next day we checked and oddly no one had bid for the car. We reviewed the detailed photos in the eBay item description again. The Buy It Now price was less than the cost of the engine in the lovely blue Dart and it was within our budget. The decision was made, let's buy it!

The "seller" set up the auction so a buyer had to be pre-approved before bidding. We followed the instructions to notify the seller we wanted to bid. Within an hour, there was a response saying they had notified eBay to allow us to buy the car and to follow the instructions coming from eBay to proceed.

The response was clever, saying it was the seller's husband's car and he had recently died. The car was a source of sore memories and she wanted a speedy transaction. Yes, the eBay Motors scam comes complete with a muscle car lover's sob story.

The Dart was on the opposite coast but the extremely low Buy It Now price included shipping directly to our home. Awesome! We had been worried about how to get the car to our house once the transaction was complete.

Soon we got an email that certainly looked like it came from eBay saying Congratulations - You are approved to buy!

It also gave instructions to send half of the winning price to an individual in Detroit via MoneyGram (similar to Western Union). Once the vehicle was delivered, we would pay the other half.

Here's what the email looked like. You can see that it has exactly the same logos and everything to make us believe it was from eBay.

find-your-muscle-car: fake email from ebay scamHere's the fake email sent as part of the ebay Motors scam

We were both at work and couldn't touch base to talk about which bank account to use to send the MoneyGram. Luckily, we never hooked up or we would be telling a very different story!

Late that afternoon, we finally re-read the instructions on how to pay for our Dart. Checking the original listing of the car on eBay to make sure we had the usual 72 hours to make the initial payment, we suddenly noticed a tip for buying a car on eBay on the right side of the page. Here's what it said:

find-your-muscle-car: buyers safety tip on ebay MotorsThe VERY Important eBay Motors Safe Buying Tip

Don't Fall For An eBay Motors Scam

Look back at the graphic of the email supposedly from eBay-the text of the tip is completely opposite from this one. With a sinking feeling, we went to eBay Help pages for further information. There in black and white was a full description of this exact eBay motors scam that we had almost fallen for! We notified eBay and the car auction was immediately pulled.

You'd like to think this would be the end of that person's crooked dealings but just a few days later the same car appeared for sale. For kicks, we asked a co-worker to send an email offer to purchase the car. Sure enough, he received an email saying the car was her deceased husband's....

The eBay Motors scam lives on regardless of the efforts of eBay's very responsive security department!

We are so thankful we weren't victimized and highly recommend reading eBay Motors Safe Buying Tips before you decide to buy a car on eBay motors.

It's pretty embarrassing to say we almost fell for that eBay Motors scam now we look back on it. Hopefully our experience will keep you from making a sad mistake. That's what our whole website is about, helping you find your muscle car, the best way possible.

Did this keep us from buying a car on eBay Motors?


We ended up purchasing our dream car from a seller three states away. It was a very successful, satisfactory purchase. Click here to learn about our dream car purchase on eBay Motors.

Now that you know about the eBay Motors scam, click here for more info on how we use eBay Motors

...or maybe you're thinking about buying a muscle car on Craigslist?

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