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A driver-quality muscle car catches the eye of Buyer Type 2 every time. Based on your score from the muscle car quiz, your preferred muscle car is an older restored muscle car or even a 60s-70s era survivor.

Buyers looking for a driver-quality muscle car don't mind if there are a minor imperfections in the paint or if some after-market hot rod upgrades have been done to enhance performance. In fact, you may have some plans of your own to get a base model Pontiac and make it a custom GTO like the one you always wanted.

A muscle car clone will work perfectly for you. Not sure what that means? Check out our explanation of the evolution of a muscle car clone HERE.

Most likely you plan to drive this car on nice days and certainly take it to local cruise-ins and car shows. The good news is, your target muscle car can be purchased in a wide price range, from under $10k to under $20k.

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Depending on the level of work you plan or want to do, you should watch for key words in classified ads that give clues to condition. For example, a car's paint work may be described as show quality or a six-footer; serious info for you! "Drive while you make it your own" is another hint a level of work may need to be done that you aren't prepared to address.

Here are the pages of this site that we think would be most useful for you in your search for your dream muscle car.

Driver-Quality Muscle Car Buyer "Must See" Pages

Buying on eBay Motors or

Buying on Craigslist

An eBay Motors Scam - Be Aware

Muscle Car Classifieds - Read Them Right

What $20K Buys in Today's Market

Getting 300 Horsepower for $10,000

Don't forget to check out the Featured Muscle Car for Sale. We post a new one regularly to show you the wide variety of cars for sale from the places we recommend as good sources for our visitors. These are in all price ranges, including those of that meet the budget of every muscle car buyer.

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