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A Craigslist classic car for sale? If you read muscle car news or listen to evening newscasts, you know there have been repeated incidents where unwary buyers of used cars on craigslist have become crime victims.

Craigslist has become a global marketplace giant because it puts both buyers and sellers in control – no longer do you have to deal with a third party like a newspaper classified department. Beyond the simple interface that even the most tech deficient users can understand, there is little in the way to slow down craigslist users.

This is one of many reasons you can find just about anything that someone might potentially want to buy or sell on craigslist. Classic and muscle cars are no different, and if you are in the market for one, here are some basic tips that will improve your experience when doing a craigslist classic car search.

Scour thoroughly

Navigate to your local craigslist page and in the For Sale → Cars & Trucks section, select the “For Sale by Owner” option; if you are willing to travel a bit, it also isn’t a bad idea to check into the craigslist pages for nearby cities as well. You’ll want to scour these sections thoroughly for any muscle car or classic that fits your wish list – and if none do at this time, check back early and often, as it is updated constantly.

Act quickly

If you find a car that fits your desires and price points, don’t hesitate. While you of course want to be cagey before actually consummating any deal, if there has been a recent post and you hum and haw over it in your mind for a while, by the time you actually reach out to the seller, it could be gone. Being the first person to respond to a new post can give you a leg up on the competition.

Check it out!

find-your-muscle-car: Muscle Car for Sale

Once you have found a vehicle that sparks your interest, and reached out to the seller through whatever means they provide for you on craigslist, it is time to take the next big step of personally meeting the seller and inspecting the vehicle.

It pays to come prepared with a list of questions for the seller and a list of things that you want to inspect on the vehicle. You’ll want to have a firm understanding of the relative value of the muscle car you are purchasing – obviously consulting the NADA Classic Car Value Guide or the online Hagerty Valuation Guide can come in handy here.

Buyer beware

The same things that make craigslist so inviting to casual buyers and sellers, make it all the more enticing for thieves and scam artists. You’ll want to be extra careful that you aren’t dealing with someone that is trying to rid themselves of a vehicle without a title, or even worse, a stolen car. While you can find some smoking hot deals on a craigslist classic car search, at some point you have to be willing to ask yourself why they are selling so cheap. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, never pay for any vehicle that you have not personally seen and verified, and be prepared to follow all the guidelines required by your local DMV office for transferring the title and registering a classic or muscle car.

Last but not least, local authorities recommend meeting the seller in a public place when possible, during daylight hours. If the classic is in a garage or storage facility, or other less public place, meet during the day and take along a friend. Don't bring a wallet full of cash when you first go to inspect the car; if you are lucky enough to have found your dream ride, a valid seller will understand if you leave to go to the nearest ATM or bank for a cashiers check or cash as agreed.

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The page was written by guest author, Jack Payton. We hope this information is helpful in your craigslist classic car search.

Jack is a car nut in the purest form. He loves to write about everything gear related, and rebuilt his first engine at 15. He works as the online publisher for the online tire retailer Tires Easy. In his spare time he enjoys cruising, attending car shows, and collecting vinyl.

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