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Our First Classic Cars Field Report - A Surprising Find

We were on our way to the annual Monster Mopar weekend at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis when an amazing sight came into view. Cruising by at 65 mph, our heads swiveled to make sure we were really seeing that very long line of classic cars in the early morning mist. We had a day of great drag racing and hundreds of Mopar show cars waiting a few miles up the road so we couldn't stop right then to investigate. At the end of the day though, we headed straight back to Exit 41 off Interstate 55.

find-your-muscle-car:Visit to Country Classic Cars

Occasionally on our travels we'll find a classic car dealer, see a handful of cool cars and that's always a lot of fun. But what we found that day was a real treasure, a true toy store for grownups. At least for car-loving grownups! Read on and you'll see why this chance discovery led to our first classic cars field report.

When you approach Country Classic Cars, you first see the large circle drive lined on two sides with an unbelievable assortment of antique and classic cars and trucks. The day we were there, a lady at the entrance drive collected $1 from us to drive through. She rather apologetically said they charged the small fee to keep down the number of curiosity seekers on the weekends. Of course after we slowly drove the loop, checking out the diversity of vehicles, we had to stop and go into the facility. An even greater surprise was waiting inside.

A Great Place to Find Classic Cars for Sale

Country Classic Cars is the evolution of one man's love of cars. His hobby of finding, repairing and re-selling dream cars expanded until this unique retail outlet was born. The huge white building is literally wall-to-wall with every kind of classic car imaginable.

We squeezed and shimmied between hundreds of cars, having more fun than kids at a carnival. Is that a Moulin Rouge Duster? Look at that 70s Maverick! What year is that Pontiac?

find-your-muscle-car:Classic Cars for Sale Near St. Louis

There are no restored, trailer queen cars here and you probably won't find the most in-demand classics. But there are hundreds of great project cars at reasonable prices in varying levels of condition. To make it even better, for folks living in the area, there is a full service garage on site. There's even a gift shop/antique store filled with historic Route 66 souvenirs since Country Classic Cars sits right along side a remnant of one of America's most famous highways.

There is a website for this toy store for grownups so you can see their inventory online ( , but as we always recommend, it is so much better to check out a potential car in person. This one of a kind dealership makes a personal visit a must.

We hope this field report is helpful to you in your search for your muscle car. In case St. Louis is too far away for you to visit anytime soon, here's a YouTube video created after our visit to Country Classic Cars. Enjoy!

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