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Cheap Muscle Car for Sale

Cheap muscle cars for sale might sound like a scam or a too-good-to-be-true advertisement but believe it or not, there are some great muscle cars out there just waiting for you. Based on your answers in the Muscle Car Quiz, you were identified as Buyer Type 4. This means you have the desire and the skills to get hands-on with your muscle car. You're the muscle car buyer who isn't afraid to check out cars described as "project" cars.

The good news is, if you are skilled enough to do some work yourself and are willing to put in the time, you can buy a muscle car that other buyers would have to pass and build it into your dream car at a great price.

If you can do body repair and paint, you can find a super deal on a great running muscle car that no one else is willing to pay to get repaired. Or maybe there's a great looking Z28 that has a bad trans or blown engine. If you've got the mechanical know-how you can buy that muscle car for cheap.

For example, one of our main requirements when our muscle car search started was that the body had to be close to perfect. KB is an expert level technician and we actually had two candidate 340 engines built and ready to go into that perfect '70 or '71 Dart Swinger once we found it. But we don't have the skills, tools or place to do the extensive paint and body work that is often necessary on a 35 year old Dodge.

This made a search more difficult, but we since we had clearly outlined our goals from the beginning, it was easier to keep from making an impulse purchase that would have ended up costing us more money and time than we could afford.

Here are the pages of this site that we think would be most useful for you to visit to assist you in your search for cheap muscle cars for sale. First are the basics that we recommend to all muscle car buyers. Regardless of what type of buyer you are, these pages have important information for you. The section following the basics will link to information on the site for buyers like you with the talent and desire to build their muscle car.

The Basics

Which Muscle Car?

A Muscle Car For Sale? Find the Right One for You
Are you looking for cheap muscle cars for sale? First, it's critical to know which classic car you really want. Or is it even a classic? Modern muscle could be the right choice for many reasons.

Modern muscle cars could be the right choice for you!
Modern muscle cars should be included in your muscle car search, especially if you like the classic car look more than the work necessary to restore one. Find out why here.

Muscle Car Clone or A Survivor - Which Is It?
Before you buy a used muscle car learn the lingo. Do you know a muscle car clone from a survivor from a resto-mod? Know these terms and you won't buy a muscle car clone when you want a survivor.

Muscle Car Quiz
Need help deciding which muscle car is best for you? Take this fun muscle car quiz before you start the search!

What to Know

Classic muscle cars for sale are everywhere-but what's a good buy?
Classic muscle cars for sale are popping up all over. Are you a smart buyer? What are current muscle car prices? How about the car itself? Do you know what you're buying? Arm yourself with info!

More muscle car value info - VINs, fender tags, build sheets
Muscle car value and price increases with the amount of validation that can be shown. If this is your goal, you can and should go further than a VIN decode.

Muscle Car Registration Information
Know the muscle car registration facts for your state - and the state your muscle car is coming from - before making a purchase.

Muscle Car Appraisals - let an expert help you decide
Think you've found the perfect muscle car? Want to know more than what the seller is saying? Muscle car appraisals make sure you don't make a big mistake when checking out American muscle cars for sale.

When You Find It

Muscle car insurance, transport, financing - you need 'em when you find your car!
Muscle car insurance is a must for your dream car, even if you are looking at cheap muscle cars for sale! And if you buy from an online auction or classified, you'll need transportation from the seller to you. What about financing?

Muscle Car Insurance Checklist - What To Know Before You Buy
A muscle car insurance checklist guarantees you'll get the best protection for your dream car and your wallet! Learn what you need to know before you buy specialty car insurance.

Muscle Car Transport Checklist - What You Should Know
This muscle car transport checklist will help you make sure your dream car is delivered safely by experienced, reliable shippers. Don't risk your investment by cutting costs on shipping!

Where to Find It

Muscle Cars for Sale - Where to Find Them
Do you know the best places to find cheap muscle cars for sale? Online auctions, classifieds, classic car dealers, car clubs and car shows are great options. Here are pros and cons to think about.

The eBay Muscle Car Search We Use and How It Works
Here's the easy, simple way we search for an eBay muscle car. We use eBay Motors as one of our main search locations. Plenty of great cheap muscle cars for sale on this site.

Using muscle car dealers online is good, visiting the dealer in person is best.
A muscle car might look great online but nothing beats seeing and touching the car yourself. Many online muscle car dealers have showrooms you can visit. Just like a grown-up toy store!

Buy muscle cars at car shows for a large selection in all price ranges.
Large car shows are an excellent place to find cheap muscle cars for sale. Do you know which shows are worth your time and travel? Here are reviews of the best muscle car shows to find your muscle car.

Muscle car clubs are the perfect place to find muscle cars for sale!
Local muscle car clubs are an excellent source to find your muscle car. It's ideal to buy from a muscle car enthusiast. Avoid the risk of internet buying and see the car before purchasing.

Find Old Muscle Cars at More Places
Where to find old muscle cars? Auctions, online muscle car dealers, online classifieds, and car shows are great places but don't overlook these other sources.

Classic muscle cars for sale are everywhere-but what's a good buy?
Classic muscle cars for sale are popping up all over. Are you a smart buyer? What are current muscle car prices? How about the car itself? Do you know what you're buying? Arm yourself with info!

Buy Used Muscle Cars at Carlisle Car Shows
Hundreds of used muscle cars in the car corral, concept cars, beautiful show cars and even cheap muscle cars for sale - the well-known Carlisle events are a great place to buy muscle cars!

Buy A Used Muscle Car at the Charlotte AutoFair
Twice a year, Lowes Motor Speedway overflows with enough classic cars to keep you busy all four days shopping for a used muscle car.

Buy Muscle Cars at Daytona Turkey Run
Every Thanksgiving weekend, you can buy muscle cars at Daytona International Speedway. It's the largest Fall car show on the East Coast. You've got to see it to believe it! Plenty of cheap muscle cars for sale, right next to the expensive ones.

Buy Mopar Muscle Cars at the Mopar Nationals
Check out hundreds of Mopar muscle cars for sale at the annual Mopar Nationals event.


Classic and Muscle Cars - Reports from the Field
The latest information about classic and muscle cars from car shows and muscle car dealership visits is posted here in our field reports. A good source of information for cheap muscle cars for sale.

Find Your Muscle Car News - Monthly eZine
Find Your Muscle Car News is our monthly eZine. It keeps your search on track!

Specific Pages for Buyer Type 4

Once you've familiarized yourself with the information covered in the basics, here are some specific pages that will be of interest to you as you search out cheap muscle cars for sale.

Muscle Car Auctions - Not What You Expected

What Muscle Car Sellers Won't Tell You

How to Read Muscle Car Classifieds

Just for fun - RB's Muscle Car Restoration

Don't forget to check out the Featured Muscle Car for Sale . We post a new one each week to show you the wide variety of fabulous muscle cars available all over the country from the places we recommend as good sources for our visitors. You can tell at a glance, by looking at the listed Buyer Type in the description, if the featured car might be of interest to you.

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