Major Considerations Whether to Replace or Repair Your Furnace 

It can be challenging to tell whether a furnace needs to be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Listed below are some of the major aspects that must be taken into consideration to know which route to take. 


Your furnace system’s age is the first factor you should take note of. A furnace lasts for at least 15 to 20 years. After those estimated years, the system will begin to fail more frequently. When your furnace is less or more than 10 years old, then a furnace repair Canton should be enough to restore it. But when your system is already 12 years or more, then it most likely needs to be replaced. If your furnace already reached more than 10 years and still has constant problems, then make sure to contact a professional furnace technician.  

Change in energy bills 

When your energy bills skyrocket even without increasing your usage, the efficiency of your furnace is certainly dropping. Perhaps your furnace may be working twice as hard to achieve your required setting and the amount of heat you want. Take note that this is one of those signs that you need to contact skilled technicians to know if your system has seen better days.  

Moreover, your chosen HVAC expert will let you know if merely updating your ductwork or your thermostat will solve the issue, or is it time for your furnace to retire. 

Burner flame 

A natural gas burning produces a blue flame with a light-yellow shade on top. Once the flame is yellow, that’s a sign that the fuel combustion is not complete and your furnace could be eliciting carbon monoxide. If that happens, it’s crucial to contact the experts as soon as possible and have it checked.  

Frequency of repairs 

If your furnace is always having consistent furnace problems that can’t be solved without the help of the experts, that could be a sign that it can’t bounce back anymore. Trying to keep and use a broken furnace could only cause you to experience getting no heat during the winter season. As a result, it could eventually increase your electrical consumption. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time for you to invest in a unit replacement and buy a new one.  

Uneven heating 

When heat is not evenly distributed, it’s usually due to a duct problem in your house. When your home does not evenly heat up, your house will not be comfortable and your furnace will need to work harder double time. In that case, call an HVAC technician right away and determine if a furnace replacement is needed or it’s only due to a duct system issue.  

Strange noises 

Commonly, older furnaces work harder. As a result, they produce banging, popping, or rattling noises. This can also cause your furnace to fail in moisturizing the air properly, which results in stale or dry air quality within your house. If your system makes such noises, that’s a sign that your furnace needs replacing.