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Buying cheap muscle cars is not be a good idea for most. But if you've got the skills to do serious hands-on work, what could be a scam or a too-good-to-be-true advertisement for a regular buyer could be the just the right deal for you.  You're the muscle car guy who isn't afraid to check out cars described as "project" cars or "barn find" cars.

Based on your answers in the Muscle Car Quiz, you were identified as Buyer Type 4. This means you have the desire and the skills to get hands-on when buying cheap muscle cars.

The good news is, if you are skilled enough to do some work yourself and are willing to put in the time, you can buy a muscle car that other buyers would have to pass and build it into your dream car at a great price.

  • If you can do body repair and paint, you can find a super deal on a great running muscle car that no one else is willing to pay to get repaired.
  • Or maybe there's a great looking Z28 that has a bad trans or blown engine. If you've got the mechanical know-how you are definitely in the group that's into buying cheap muscle cars.

One of our main requirements when our muscle car search started was that the body had to be close to perfect. We had two candidate 340 engines built and ready to go into that perfect '70 or '71 Dart Swinger once we found it. But we don't have the skills, tools or place to do the extensive paint and body work that is often necessary on a 40 year old Dodge muscle car.

This made a search more difficult for us, but we since we had clearly outlined our goals from the beginning, it was easier to keep from making an impulse purchase that would have ended up costing more money and time than we could afford.

Tips if You're Buying Cheap Muscle Cars

Here are the pages of this site we think would be most useful for you to visit to assist you in your search for low priced muscle cars for sale.

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Don't forget to check out the Featured Muscle Car for Sale . We post a new one each week to show you the wide variety of fabulous muscle cars available all over the country from the places we recommend as good sources for our visitors.

Another option for you is one of our favorite sites, Autabuild. Autabuild advertises "repairables," damaged or inoperable cars, at great prices for individuals who can do their own technical work. 

Click here to see suggestions of where to search for your dream car.

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Did you get to this page without taking the quiz? We have a fun quiz to help you decide which kind of muscle car will suit you. Who knows? maybe you'd really be happier with a restored car. Click here to take it now, or just read on to see pages most useful for buyers looking for a cheap ride.

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