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The experts say buying a muscle car without seeing it in person is a huge risk. At find-your-muscle-car, we agree. But when we purchased our first muscle car , we bought it from an out of state seller via an eBay auction and we did not see it or have it inspected (another recommendation we make often) before we purchased it.

We like to think ignoring the rules in this particular case made sense for a couple of reasons:

  • We did not spend a huge amount of money on this car. In fact, we were slightly under our predetermined budget.
  • There were multiple, in depth phone conversations with the seller before we entered our bid on eBay. He was a muscle car lover and "spoke Mopar" just like we do.
  • If the car turned out to be a mistake, our muscle car shopping experience told us that we could easily turn around and re-sell the car for more than we were going to pay for it.

There's no saying if this would work for you or not, or in all cases. Visitors to our site have been chiming in to share their stories about remote muscle car purchases. Why don't you share your story or opinion on the form below?

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