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find-your-muscle-car: Charlotte Auto Fair

Buy muscle cars at car shows because, of course, there are lots and lots of cars for sale there! Here are great reasons to try to find your muscle car at large national or regional events:

  1. Cars that aren't advertised on websites or in muscle car classifieds will be at car shows
  2. Every seller who brings a classic muscle car to a car corral knows potential buyers are there to buy muscle cars, they WANT to sell the car not take it back to the garage
  3. In addition to seeing a large selection of American muscle, you'll save time by seeing so many in one or two days
  4. Muscle car dealers sometimes bring a selection of cars to a show and are ready to sell
  5. Even if you don't find your dream car at a show, you can gather business cards, phone numbers, website addresses of contacts that you can revisit after the car show
  6. You can give your contact info to dealers or others who might be able to help you find your muscle car

find-your-muscle-car: Turkey Rod Run Dodge Dart

Listed below are several (but certainly not all) of our favorite car shows that we would recommend to people who are wondering if they can buy muscle cars at car shows. Click on each name for specific information on location, dates, and features of each show.

find-your-muscle-car: Camaros in a row at car show

There are so many large, regional car shows that we go to that it would take a separate website to cover them all. We also have read of many that are held west of the Mississippi that are probably excellent places to buy muscle cars. Since we're on the east coast we haven't had the opportunity to visit them in person so can't provide a review for you. If you are too far away from any of the shows that are covered here, there are two places we would recommend to find out about muscle car shows in your area.

First, go to the Hemmings website and use their comprehensive Events search engine. You can find everything from local car cruises to major car shows for every state.

However, not ALL shows are listed at Hemmings. A simple Google or Yahoo search on your state name and the words "car show" or "car corral" would bring you another selection to review. By the way, it's useful to also include the year in your search so you don't end up with a bunch of results for car shows held in previous years.

One more thing to know, we would be doing an injustice if we didn't mention local smaller car shows that are also a great option for buying muscle cars. Some are charity-based, such as the annual MDA car show in Roanoke, Virginia. Others are held by civic associations or local car clubs, such as the annual US Muscle Car Federation Autorama in Williamsport, Maryland. Do the research, ask around, and before you know it, you'll be the expert on the best local shows to find muscle cars for sale.

We love car shows because we simply love muscle cars. In addition to scouting the car corral to buy muscle cars, we enjoy seeing the hundreds of beautiful show cars. Many times you'll have the added benefit of seeing some great drag racing while at the car show. There are also hundreds of vendors that you can investigate representing products or services you will need once you find your muscle car, such as classic car insurance or muscle car transportation services.

And finally it's awesome to be around so many people who love classic muscle cars just as much as you do. They are eager to help you out, answer questions, or just talk about how they found their muscle car. If you aren't the chatty type, you can just say hello and keep on walking and they won't be offended.

The bottom line is, you can buy muscle cars at car shows with great success!

If you are interested in car shows that focus more on street rods and custom cars, as well as muscle cars, check out this page on

Any recommendations on where to buy muscle cars at car shows near you?

Feel free to CONTACT US so we can cover it on our site!

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