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It seems like 100 years ago. Really it was only 25 (or maybe 30) years ago. Friday and Saturday nights were all about drag racing on local back roads or cruising to the hangouts. Mondays back at school was swapping stories and planning for the next weekend.

Then life happened. School ended, the fast cars were sold, and we all bought nice sedans that got great gas mileage.

While we were busy earning a living or raising a family, somehow the lure of a powerful motor never died. The memory was there in the back of our mind, making us wish we could once again slide into a vinyl interior - turn the crank – feel the motor come to life – and just know you could burn two strips down the street if you wanted.

And that's where we were when we started this website: in the position to stop dreaming and take action. Thinking about owning a muscle car again was exciting but we quickly found out we had a LOT to learn about buying a 35-40 year old car.

We were smart enough to know better than to grab the first Dart Swinger or Shelby Mustang or GTO that came along. We'd heard the eBay horror stories and seen friends spend big bucks on rust-buckets. But that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possible mistakes to be made when buying your dream car.

One great thing we discovered is that muscle car enthusiasts are a big family and whether you love the blue oval or a bowtie, they are always ready to help. Now that we've successfully maneuvered through the process, we felt like it was our turn to share the knowledge we gained and help others who are just starting on the exciting journey of buying a muscle car.

And that’s what find-your-muscle-car.com is about!

Facts About This Website and Us

We aren't now and never have been car dealers. We have no professional, in-depth experience or information about buying and selling classic muscle cars. The information we share on this website has been gathered from our own personal experiences gained while looking for our dream car and from talking to people at car shows, doing research on the Internet and in books and magazines.

(By the way, we haven’t ever been website owners either. So how did we end up spending as much time on the Internet as we do on our muscle car search? Well, that muscle car habit has to be paid for somehow! Click here to find out more.)

We can't validate information provided to us by guests and visitors to our website but we will clearly mark any information that isn't written by us so you will know.

If you have any questions about this website or want to provide feedback, please contact us here.

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