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STAGING LANE Muscle Car Alert - Real Time Market News
August 17, 2015

Muscle Car Alert

Welcome New Subscribers and Old Friends

It is August already - how is this summer going by so fast? Have you found your muscle car yet? If not, read on. We may have found just the ride you are looking for!

This month we've sourced great muscle cars for sale at local dealers that don't specialize in muscle cars. For example, there's an awesome '69 Mach I for sale at a Ford dealership. Dealers sometimes take a classic car as a trade-in and when that happens, you can find a dream ride before someone else does!

The recently updated "What $10K Buys" page features a potential father-son/father-daughter '66 Mustang project selling for $4995. These cars have tons of aftermarket parts available, making them good candidates for restoration.

There's also a small block Barracuda V8 for $10,900 and a 1994 Corvette in the popular Polo Green for $9950. We wish it had the saddle interior but this one is a black interior. A nice C4 at this price. Click HERE to see this month's featured cars available for under $10k

In the $20K price range, we feature a true '68 Olds 442 with a 455 big block selling at $19,999. Good price and it's a convertible!

If you like big wheels on classic cars, there's a '67 Coronet with a 440 that needs some work but the exterior is all done.

Another convertible, a '70 Mustang 302 with a 4 speed, is an older restoration but worth a look if a Mustang's on your wish list.

Click HERE to see these muscle cars in the $20K and under range.

Our $30K cars include an interesting '69 AMC Javelin 390 in the rare Big Bad Blue. These cars are increasing in value, especially the ones with a 390 and factory performance's available for $29,950.

Add to that a big block '69 Chevelle SS 396 with a 4 speed selling in Iowa for $25,500 and a beautiful '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with the 351 and a 4 speed, too, and you've got a couple more great cars to check out.

Click HERE for info on the $30K and under cars.

FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - As a Staging Lane subscriber, you get access to a "hidden" page on our website that features EVEN MORE great muscle cars for sale. Regular visitors to find-your-muscle-car can't see this page.

Click the link below to find out about a '93 Camaro and '96 Mustang, both under $5K, and a '77 Firebird in custom orange paint for $9990.

There's a matching numbers red '69 Pontiac GTO with a 400 under the hood and PHS documentation you can buy for $18,995 and another beautiful Pontiac, a '79 Trans Am 6.6 liter, also matching numbers, available for $20K.

It's not all about GM though. Check out an award-winning '67 Coronet with a 440 and a '73 Dodge Challenger 318 selling at $15K.

Click HERE to see the SUBSCRIBER ONLY page!

We wonder why more folks don't go muscle car shopping in the car corral of a regional car shows. Yeah there are some junkers and some cars with ridiculous prices but if you know what you're looking for, you really can find a deal. Read about some of the car shows we've attended here.

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DISCLAIMER: does not make any claims or guarantees about any of the muscle cars for sale featured in this newsletter. We are providing this information solely as a service to our subscribers to assist them in their search for a muscle car. We do not verify or validate any information provided by sellers of muscle cars shown here. We do not have personal experience or a professional relationship with any of the dealerships mentioned in this newsletter.

All of these vehicles were available for purchase on the day the newsletter is emailed.

We include cars selling for $11K or $21K in the "under $10K" or "under $20K" sections because...these are used cars, folks. Hand the dealer $10K cash for the car listed at $11K and he'll most likely hand you the keys to your new muscle car.

It is your responsibility to be an informed buyer before you purchase a thirty-forty year old classic car. Please refer to for all the information you need to make a good purchase.

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