1971 Plymouth Cuda
440 Six Pack

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In the late 70s, we were cruising in this 1971 Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack. Lighter in body weight than his previous Mopar muscle car, and equipped with the slapstick automatic, the wheels would break loose if you hit the pedal too fast.

find-your-muscle-car:71 Cuda 440-6 pack Curious Yellow

About this 1971 Plymouth Cuda

  • The body color was one of Chrysler Corporation’s High Impact Colors, Y3 Curious Yellow
  • The yellow was set off nicely by the black vinyl top and black interior
  • There was a black Go-Wing on the trunk
  • Black billboards on each side advertised the high performance 440 cu inch engine
  • The dual scoop hood had 440-6 badges on the sides of the scoops
  • The 440 was only available with the Six Pack (three two-barrel carbs) in '71; tuning them kept him busy
  • Equipped with the 727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic, it was one of 129 produced in 1971 (out of a total of 237, info from allpar.com)
  • The Rallye dash
  • Rallye wheels were standard for this model
find-your-muscle-car: 440-6 pack Plymouth Cuda

Life happened and responsibilities came so he sold it for $1600 to the daughter-in-law of a friend. A few weeks later he found out that she had taken it to a local Dodge dealer with “starter” problems and the mechanic replaced that pesky Six Pack with a four barrel. Wonder what muscle car he put it on?

In March 2015, the NADA estimated value for one of these cars in average condition is approximately $215,000. We’ve seen them sell for much more at the Mecum muscle car auctions and for sale at online muscle car dealer sites at much higher prices. 

Wish we’d known then...that we had an investment grade auto that we were prowling the streets of our rural town in and that one day the Plymouth marque would no longer exist. But MOST of all, we sure wish we still had that awesome ride at our disposal. 

By the way, we do console ourselves with our new entertainment. It's not quite the same but still a fun ride.

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