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PJs Auto World is a Florida muscle car dealer showroom that we regularly visit on line so it was on our itinerary for a field trip while we were in Kissimmee at the annual Mecum Muscle Car Auction.

We stopped at the Gulf-to-Bay site first, early on Saturday morning. There were two sales consultants on duty; we spoke with Richard for a few minutes before taking a tour of the facility. Richard was friendly and low-key, happy to chat with us about muscle cars or the dealership.

find-your-muscle-car: Muscle Cars at PJs Auto World

The first thing to catch our eye was a powerful '68 Hemi Road Runner sporting the popular Matador Red exterior. Our attention soon jumped to a yellow with black stripes '69 Camaro Z28. This one was a clone, nicely done. There were several interesting Mustangs, including a pair of '70 Mach I models with black stripes and spoiler, one in beautiful Grabber Blue and the other in Bright Gold. Neither one shows on the website right now so maybe they sold in the few weeks since our visit.

A customer came in to get a repair shop recommendation. Richard spoke with him and made some recommendations of local repair facilities for his early 70s Camaro. We chatted with the gentleman as he left the showroom. He didn’t purchase his Camaro at PJs Auto World but he said he had stopped in several times for assistance with maintaining his classic and found the staff friendly and willing to share information.

find-your-muscle-car: PJs Auto World Showroom

We said farewell to Richard and drove to the Cleveland Avenue location. Again, the folks were welcoming and let us do our muscle car shopping in peace. This showroom had a great selection of muscle cars. For instance, in addition to a wide array of Mustangs and Camaros, there were several Trans Ams at reasonable prices. We also found a Dodge Demon and a '68 Dart 340 to satisfy our Mopar craving. Some unique vehicles were there, too, a Corvair station wagon and some mean street rods.

PJs Auto World offers assistance with financing and shipping your new muscle car. We saw a mechanic in the showroom and were told that every car sold by this Florida muscle car dealer has a thorough inspection, servicing and detailing before being handed over to the new owner.

Other than wishing the asking prices were displayed on the window stickers (and on the website), we had a good experience at this classic and muscle car dealership. We recently posted one of their vehicles as a "featured muscle car of the week" because it did have the price displayed and knew it would fit a particular buyer type that visits our website.

If you are in the Clearwater area and are looking for your muscle car, be sure to visit PJs Auto World, a recommended Florida muscle car dealer. Easy to follow driving directions are posted on the website, along with showroom hours and their inventory.

Did you enjoy this quick look at PJs Auto World?

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