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find your muscle car:Old Town Automobile field trip

Old Town Automobile, a Maryland muscle car dealer that we feature often in the Muscle Car Alert, was on our itinerary for a recent trip to Calvert County in the southern end of the state.

The dealership is located in Huntingtown and has a beautiful new 7000 square foot showroom. In addition to the large inventory of muscle cars for sale, Old Town offers automotive signs, neon, artwork, clothing and memorabilia, too at this site.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, a new muscle car buyer was finalizing his purchase in the parking lot. Lots of engine revving and happy chatter going on outside! As always, we introduced ourselves to the staff before touring the facility.

Everyone was pleasant and eager to let us look around. We were made welcome and given a brief history of the dealership.

Old Town Automobile has been serving Maryland-Virginia-DC classic car enthusiasts for 25 years, many repeated customers which is always a sign of a great business. They also ship worldwide and mentioned, like so many have to us in the past, that they see a large increase in international purchases of American muscle.

find your muscle car:Old Town Automobile Showroom field trip

The bright showroom was filled wall to wall with classic Chevrolets, Corvettes, Fords, Pontiacs, resto-mods, street rods and muscle cars. Our tour guide informed us Old Town also has a full-service repair shop and can help with classic car shipping, insurance and financing.

We recently featured a 1970 Nova they had for sale in our ezine and wanted to see if it lived up to expectations in person. It wasn't in the showroom and we learned that even with this new facility, the Old Town inventory is so extensive they have classics stored in other facilities all over the area. That was okay since there was more than enough right in front us to see the quality of the cars for sale.

find your muscle car:Mustangs at Old Town Auto, Huntingtown, MD

Not much Mopar (our area of expertise) was available so we focused on Mustangs. The day we visited, a wide range was in the showroom. This included several '65 coupes priced in the low teens, a couple of '60s convertibles in the low $20k range (including a national show award-winner) and then a stunning 1970 Boss 302 for $59k. Something for every Mustang enthusiast could be had. All were perfectly detailed, with lots of info on specs, previous owners, and current condition. The prices were right on target based on others in the marketplace.

My favorite car was a seriously gorgeous 1968 Pontiac Firebird. The paint was amazing and attention to detail in this pro-tour resto was superb. Our photos don’t do the car justice but it is in our field report video.

If you are in the metro DC/MD/VA area and are muscle car shopping, don't pass up the chance to check out Old Town Automobile. We recommend them as a great Maryland muscle car dealer for our site visitors. Showroom hours and other pertinent information is available on their website.

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