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Ah...the Mopar Nats! muscle cars for sale every year in early August and so much more for Mopar lovers.

Since we are Mopar fans this show is one of the highlights of our year. Please note that there are similar shows for every manufacturer held all over the country. If you know that you want a Ford or Chevy muscle car then one of the manufacturer-specific shows is your best bet. There will be fewer cars than at one of the bigger shows, but all of the cars will be of the make you are interested in. Carlisle Productions has manufacturer-specific shows all summer long.


The Mopar Nationals are held at National Trail Raceway, near Columbus, Ohio

Average Number of Cars for Sale

Approximately 300 Mopar muscle cars for sale in the general car corral. There are also special vendor-sponsored car corrals in specific buildings or tented areas where you can buy cars and trucks in the higher price ranges.


  • Classic Mopar drag racing! Talk about a blast from the'll see amazing low production number restored cars tearing down the quarter mile drag strip.
  • Almost 2000 muscle car vendors in the swap meet area.
  • A huge all Mopar manufacturer midway area, including Chrysler concept cars.

What's Unique?

  • Brice Road cruising...this is so much fun! The cars you saw at the car show during the day all come out and cruise several miles of Brice Road until the police shut them down, usually around 10 pm. Muscle car lovers and their families set up their lawn chairs or just stroll the streets watching the awesome street machines cruising. The parking lots of the hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings all become impromptu car shows as the cruisers will pull over and park long enough to do some car watching themselves.
  • The "official" cruise event is held in the nearby town of Heath.
  • Every year a different car is designated the "feature" car of the show. This brings out unique and seldom-seen survivor and show quality cars that you won't see anywhere else.
  • Special events for children such as Mopar model car contest and more.

More Info on Mopar Nats Muscle Cars for Sale

Bottom Line?

You really can find your muscle car at a car show, especially a large regional show like the Mopar Nationals.

Do your homework in advance - we tell you all the info you need on this site - and go prepared to inspect, pay the right price and get your new dream ride home.

We have information on other car shows HERE.

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