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Montana muscle car dealers in the Big Sky Country have the dream ride you've always wanted.

From the Queen City Car Show in Helena to the awesome Yellowstone Rod Run, car enthusiasts in Montana show off their American classics. What are you going to show at the next gathering?

Whether you love the blue oval, the general's bow tie or a wheel-spinning Mopar, Montana muscle dealers have a great deal for you!

It's common to buy a muscle car on Internet web sites these day but here at find-your-muscle-car, we recommend finding a vehicle that you can see in person. Check out these local MT car dealers first. If they don't have what you are looking for, they can help you find it.


1412 Sagebrush Rd
Billings, MT 59105

The Car Factory
4562 State St
Billings MT 59101

Visitors to find-your-muscle-car often ask us if we know of a local dealer. After receiving this question many times, we decided to create this directory as a service to site visitors. Obviously, we don't know all the great businesses all over the USA so we need your help. Have you seen a great MT muscle car dealer that should be listed here? We'll be happy to provide them a free listing in this directory. Share this link with the business or you can use the Contact form on this site and tell us who should be included from your state.

If we don't have a listing close to you yet, here's a search feature to help you find dealers listed at other places on the world wide web.

Type your city and state, and maybe the type of car you're looking for and hit enter. The search will provide you results that match your requirements.

While you're here, check out some other great stuff!

At any time feel free to contact us for more information.

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Note: We can't endorse individual dealers since there's no way we can be a customer of each one.

The purpose of this site is to provide information to help you when purchasing a classic muscle car, so be sure to make use of the info available to you here, in combination with plain common sense, before you hand over the money.

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