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Louisiana muscle car dealers in the Bayou state know it's about more than Mardi Gras and Duck Commanders!

From Shreveport to New Orleans, from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles, muscle car fans can find their dream ride at a local dealer.

Why look any further than your own city or state? Check out the dealers listed here first. You can get contact information, hours of operation and more at these websites. Louisiana muscle car dealers want to help you start cruisin' while the weather's fine. 

Baton Rouge

Custom Muscle Cars LLC
11864 Darryl Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

St. Francisville

Classics of Yesterday
5741 Commerce Street
St. Francisville, LA 70775

This directory is created for the benefit of our site visitors who often asked us for information about local dealers in their area. If you know a Louisiana dealer that should be listed here, please tell them they can have a free listing in this directory. Fellow muscle car lovers will thank you and so will the business!

It's true that lots of people buy their vehicles on the internet. We bought ours that way as a matter of fact. But we are always going to recommend seeing what you're buying before you spend your hard earned dollars, if at all possible.

If there isn't a local business listed near you, here's another search option that looks at other sites on the internet.

Type in your city and/or state and the name of your dream ride, and hit enter. You'll then see results from other sites that match the search request.

There is a lot of information available on our site for people who are looking to own their first classic car. Be sure to check out these pages while you're here.

You can always contact us with questions.

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Note: We can't endorse individual dealers since there's no way we can be a customer of each one.

The purpose of this site is to provide information to help you when purchasing a classic muscle car, so be sure to make use of the info available to you here, in combination with plain common sense, before you hand over the money.

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