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At the Charlotte AutoFair muscle cars for sale are available all the way around the mile and a half track. You CAN find your muscle car at a regional car show.

This annual event is sponsored by the Hornet's Nest Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America and you can shop for a used muscle car at this four day show twice a year, in April and September. The event is held rain or shine. Wear some walking shoes because this place is huge.


Concord, North Carolina at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Average Number of Cars for Sale

2000-3000 depending on which show. The main car corral is actually on the track where the NASCAR cars race during the season. That's a mile and a half of classic cars for sale! Car corrals also exist in two other areas of the facility and hundreds of vendors have cars for sale at their stalls. Check the show program guides or the website for specific information.


  • Approximately 50 different car clubs show their vehicles at this event; every manufacturer is represented.
  • Can you imagine 10,000 vendor stalls in one place? It's incredible.
  • Special invitational cars will be on display. Go early to enjoy these, it gets very crowded in the afternoon.
  • The North Carolina DMV is there to facilitate buying and selling of cars.

What's Unique

  • Charlotte is the home of NASCAR, nearby Mooresville has the race shops of all of the major NASCAR teams that you can tour.
  • zMax Dragway is co-located and hosts many NHRA events.
  • Discovery Place is a hands-on science museum that isn't just for kids.
  • Unlike Daytona International Speedway during the Turkey Run, Charlotte Motor Speedway management has opened their doors so you can explore the whole track.
  • Lots of outdoor activities are available at the beautiful lakes.

While most people go to the AutoFair to look at the thousands of amazing cars being shown by their owners or clubs, or to look for classic car parts in the gigantic swap meet, it is an ideal place to shop for your dream ride.

Do your homework, figure out exactly what car you want and what you should pay (hopefully using the info we provide here on our website!) and go prepared to do some serious shopping.

If you can't get to Charlotte, check out some other regional car shows HERE.

Check out our video of Mustangs for sale at the Charlotte AutoFair.

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