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You can get 300 horsepower for 10K (or close) even if you can't afford the unreal prices they ask these day for the most popular muscle cars.

This list of cars with 300 horsepower or more is not meant to be comprehensive, just a quick look at some choices that wouldn't cost too much but still have the muscle and performance you want. Most of these could also be cloned to replicate the muscle car of your dreams.




1969 Pontiac Tempest 2 dr coupe, 4 speed

350 (330hp)


1967 Ford Falcon, 2 dr, 4 speed

390 (335 hp)


1971 AMC Javelin 2 dr, 4 speed

Hornet SC 360 Go Package


1970 Mercury Marauder 2 dr, automatic

429 CJ (370 hp)


1971 Chevelle 2 dr, automatic



1969 Ford Thunderbird, automatic

390 (320 hp)


1968 Plymouth Belvedere, 4 spd

440 (375 hp)


1968 Dodge Coronet 2 dr, 4 speed

440 (375 hp)


1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 2 dr, automatic

  455 (365 hp)


1969 Ford Fairlane 500,
4 spd

390 (320 hp)


NOTE: Prices as of January 2017

find-your-muscle-car: 71 Chevelle

Purposely staying away from muscle cars that draw large bids at the auctions, we used the online NADA Classic Car Guide to find some classic American cars with powerful engines rated to at least 300 horsepower, in less popular body styles, that have a value of around $10,000 or less.

The prices shown are for an "Average Retail" rating which is defined by NADA as good overall condition, an older restoration or well-maintained original vehicle with everything working or serviceable. The perfect kind of car if you want to finally sit behind the wheel at the Christmas tree at your local drag strip or customize your own cruiser for local car shows.

The prices for the Belvedere and the Coronet are surprising, in our opinion. The awesome Mopar 440 in a great classic body style is a good buy but you'd probably have a hard time finding one at the prices shown. The base Chevelle with a 454 would rock the neighborhood and the '67 Ford Falcon makes a sweet drag car...

The Pontiac Tempest, the AMC Javelin with the Hornet GO Package and the Marauder went up the most in the past year and may have to fall off our list of cars around $10K with 300 hp.

So given the above choices, what could get you behind the wheel of a powerful American muscle machine that has at least 300 horsepower for $10k?

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