1973 Duster 340 Decode
VIN and Fender Tag

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find-your-muscle-car: 1973 Duster 340 at 75-80 Raceway in Maryland

Taking a 1973 Duster 340 decode as an example, here's what Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, can tell a potential buyer about this Mopar. It is followed by a breakdown of the codes on the metal fender tag that is found secured to the fender under the hood on most American muscle cars. You'll see that very detailed information is provided, right on the car itself.

These two pieces of information validate the integrity of the Duster as being a real, from-the-factory muscle car. This is must-know information for a muscle car buyer.

VIN decode

  • YEAR: 1973
  • MODEL: Duster 340
  • BODY: 2 door sports hardtop
  • PLANT: Hamtramck
  • ENGINE: 340 4bbl (LA Series)

To Read About Ray's 1973 Plymouth Duster Restoration, CLICK HERE.

Fender Tag Break Down

Code Description
E55 340-4 Barrel 69-73
D21 Heavy Duty 4-Speed Manual Transmission
VS29 V = Plymouth Valiant / Duster, S = Special, 29 = 2 Door Sports Hardtop
H3B H = 340 240HP(net) 1-4BBL 8 CYL, 3 = 1973, B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
------ Sequence Number '------'
C6XW Trim Grade/Style/Color, C = Charger, 6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats, X = Black
000 Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel
208 Date Built: 2 / 08 / 1973
326133 Order Number: 326133
L25 Roof Type OR Color: Trunk Compartment Light
GK6 Dark Bronze Metallic
N76 Coolant Recovery System
GK6 Dark Bronze Metallic
U Built to Specifications for USA Order
B41 Front Disc Brakes Some Yrs. Power
C56 Bucket Seats 1972 up
G37 Left Hand Remote, Right Hand Manual Chrome Mirrors
L31 Hood / Fender Mount Turn Signal
M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M25 Wide Sill Molding
N41 Dual Exhaust w/o Tips
N42 Chrome Dual Exhaust Tips
R11 Music Master Radio AM
V6W White Longitude Sports Stripe
V8W Transverse Stripe - White
26 26 in. Radiator
EN2 End of Codes Assembly Line 2

Different websites may provide slight variations in the decode so if you are the obsessive type you can check your VIN and fender tags at more than one site. If you didn't link to this page from the VIN decoder and validation page, click HERE to read more information. For example, we provide a source for Mustang vehicle decode information and other vehicle marques as well.

A sad but important note: dishonest muscle car sellers will replace the fender tag on a base model car with a fender tag from a high performance muscle car in order to sell it at a higher price. In 1973 Plymouth produced a large number of 6-cylinder models in the same body style. Sometime in the last 30-40 years, a previous owner may have replaced the factory 6-cylinder with a V8 from another car and re-painted it to look like a 1973 Duster 340 high performance model.

As a general rule, there's no problem with this, as long as the modification is clearly stated by the seller and you know what you are buying. We replaced the original 318 in my 1972 Dart Swinger with a 1969 340 that has more of what you buy a muscle car for. In the future we will add bumble bee stripes and other cosmetic changes to get just the look we want.

There are ways this can be identified, by checking matching codes on other components of the car for example, but most buyers won't have the expertise to do a proper verification. If it is important to you, and if you are paying a premium price for a rare muscle car, take the time to have the car appraised by an expert.

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