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This website will help you find the right muscle car, the right way, with all the information and tools you need to succeed.

But which one? A Plymouth 'Cuda or a Ford Mustang with a Boss 302 or a Pontiac GTO? And where is it? What’s a fair price? Is it safe to buy on the internet?

Get started by heading to the section of the site that matches where you are in your search.

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Our goal is to share the experience of finding our dream car with other people who share the same dream. If you have tons of cash and are buying investment vehicles all the time, this site isn't for you. Our focus is on regular people who have families, bills and responsibilities but still love classic muscle enough to spend some of their hard-earned salary.

It isn't as easy as going down the street to the local dealer and picking a car off the lot. (Or is it?) American classics of this era are 30-40 years old. You have many questions, issues, and concerns about purchasing this type of vehicle but the process should be fun, not an ordeal!

We learned a lot as we traveled the winding road that led to the purchase of the car of our dreams. Some of those lessons were learned the hard way! For example, the first time we tried to buy on ebay...almost lost a bunch of money on that deal. And what about online classifieds or the cars you see in the car corral at a local car show? There's a lot to learn. And you've come to right place to begin.

We’ll share our knowledge and help you along the way to finding yours, too!

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